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7Digital Group PLC Market & Company News

01.07.2022 21:537DIG, SAE, WNWDTRADING UPDATES: Scotgems to vote on liquidation; Mkango names new CFOAlliance
30.06.2022 13:59MPL, KRS, EDLEARNINGS UPDATES: UK Oil & Gas and 7digital post widened lossesAlliance
30.06.2022 07:027DIGFinal Results and Publication of Annual ReportRNS
30.06.2022 07:017DIGeMusic Live agreement and fundraisingRNS
30.06.2022 07:007DIGAIM Rule 17 and Schedule 2g - historic disclosuresRNS
30.05.2022 16:417DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
30.05.2022 16:367DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
30.05.2022 14:067DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
30.05.2022 14:007DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
20.05.2022 16:417DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
20.05.2022 16:367DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
20.05.2022 11:077DIGIN BRIEF: 7digital to livestream Hangout Music Festival in USAlliance
20.05.2022 07:007DIGeMusic Live partners with AEG PresentsReach
04.05.2022 16:417DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
04.05.2022 16:357DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
27.04.2022 12:007DIGAppointment of Nominated AdviserRNS
26.04.2022 20:267DIGIN BRIEF: 7Digital to livestream iHeartCountry Festival in MayAlliance
26.04.2022 18:067DIGAIM Rule 17 - historic disclosureRNS
26.04.2022 07:007DIGeMusic Live to livestream iHeartCountry FestivalReach
25.04.2022 14:387DIGIN BRIEF: 7digital shares jump with multi-year GBP1 million contractAlliance
25.04.2022 07:007DIG7digital wins new £1m contractRNS
10.03.2022 11:227DIGIN BRIEF: 7digital Group wins contract with music and data platformAlliance
10.03.2022 07:007DIG7digital wins new customerReach
01.03.2022 20:32CDL, 88E, MILATRADING UPDATES: Hutchmed in Macau boost; UP Global success in GermanyAlliance
01.03.2022 11:177DIG, ESYS, CLXAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: FD Tech in Microsoft deal; delays hit essensysAlliance
01.03.2022 07:007DIG7digital secures EUR2.2m contract expansionRNS
25.02.2022 09:067DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
25.02.2022 09:007DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
24.02.2022 16:417DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
24.02.2022 16:357DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
24.02.2022 14:067DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
24.02.2022 14:007DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
24.02.2022 11:067DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
24.02.2022 11:007DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
26.01.2022 11:057DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
26.01.2022 11:007DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
29.12.2021 10:357DIGResult of AGMRNS
07.12.2021 15:557DIGNotice of AGMRNS
25.10.2021 07:007DIG£1m signed in seven new contractsRNS
18.10.2021 07:007DIGExtended facility with Investec BankRNS
01.10.2021 16:417DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
01.10.2021 16:357DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
30.09.2021 16:417DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
30.09.2021 16:357DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
30.09.2021 07:007DIGInterim ResultsRNS
27.07.2021 07:007DIGNew contracts in healthtech and wellness sectorRNS
20.07.2021 11:507DIGDirector Share PurchaseRNS
20.07.2021 09:597DIGDirector Share PurchaseRNS
19.07.2021 09:007DIGPublication of Arden Research NoteReach
14.07.2021 07:007DIGExtended contract with Global Technology CompanyRNS
07.07.2021 07:007DIG7digital signs contracts with Barry’s and VolavaRNS
30.06.2021 07:007DIGFinal Results and Publication of Annual ReportRNS
03.06.2021 07:007DIGeMusic Live to offer NFTsRNS
28.05.2021 07:007DIGGrant of Options and Change of AuditorRNS
21.05.2021 07:007DIGUpdate on Universal Music Group and TrillerRNS
04.05.2021 07:007DIGFive contracts with new and existing customersRNS
01.04.2021 07:007DIGeMusic Live to livestream Alfie Boe and FriendsRNS
15.03.2021 14:017DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
11.03.2021 16:407DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
11.03.2021 16:367DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
11.03.2021 07:007DIG7digital to power music for KuaishouRNS
05.02.2021 09:397DIGRe Universal Music Group and Triller NewsRNS
02.02.2021 16:417DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
02.02.2021 16:367DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
02.02.2021 14:057DIGSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
02.02.2021 14:007DIGPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
12.01.2021 15:377DIGHoldings in CompanyRNS
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