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Brand Architekts Group PLC =

Deals on 19 November 2020

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
19/11/2020BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCQuentin HighamCEO37,037 @ 135.00p£50,000.00

Brand Architekts Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Edward BealeNED201400.0000£0.00
Quentin HighamCEO202037,0370.2100£462.96
Roger McDowellNED2012899,1055.2200£11,238.81
Mark WarrenED201033,0300.2000£412.88

Brand Architekts Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
19/11/2020BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCQuentin HighamCEO37,037 @ 135.00p£50,000.00
29/09/2020BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCRoger McDowellNED500,000 @ 110.50p£552,500.00
17/07/2020BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCRoger McDowellNED10,000 @ 120.00p£12,000.00
30/07/2018BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCRoger McDowellNED8,666 @ 270.00p£23,398.00
30/07/2018BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCRoger McDowellNED36,250 @ 269.00p£97,513.00
20/06/2018BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCMatthew GazzardRES3,000 @ 324.00p£9,720.00
27/03/2018EXRBARBrand Architekts Group PLCJane FletcherRES66,842 @ 95.00p£63,500.00
27/03/2018EXRBARBrand Architekts Group PLCChristopher HowRES136,457 @ 95.00p£129,634.00
06/06/2016PLACBARBrand Architekts Group PLCRoger McDowellNED273,189 @ 155.00p£423,443.00
06/06/2016PLACBARBrand Architekts Group PLCJane FletcherRES12,374 @ 155.00p£19,180.00
06/06/2016PLACBARBrand Architekts Group PLCChristopher HowRES29,977 @ 155.00p£46,464.00
06/06/2016PLACBARBrand Architekts Group PLCBrendan HynesRES24,914 @ 155.00p£38,617.00
06/06/2016PLACBARBrand Architekts Group PLCMark WarrenED10,930 @ 155.00p£16,942.00
24/06/2015BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCChristopher HowRES10,000 @ 114.00p£11,400.00
19/12/2013BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCChristopher HowRES10,000 @ 88.60p£8,860.00
06/11/2013BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCRoger McDowellNED30,000 @ 78.00p£23,400.00
06/11/2013BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCChristopher HowRES40,000 @ 78.00p£31,200.00
06/11/2013BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCBrendan HynesRES50,000 @ 78.00p£39,000.00
12/12/2011BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCRoger McDowellNED20,000 @ 117.00p£23,400.00
13/09/2011BUYBARBrand Architekts Group PLCRoger McDowellNED21,000 @ 114.50p£24,045.00
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