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Highcroft Inv. Fundamentals

Company Name n/a Last Updated 18 Jan 2019
Industry Real Estate Sector Real Estate Investment Trusts
Shares in Issue (m) 5.17 Market Cap (£m) 45.73
PE Ratio 6.69 Div per Share (p) n/a
Div Yield 5.51 Div Cover 2.71
EPS 132.30 EPS Growth (%) n/a
PEG n/a DPS Growth (%) n/a
Debt Ratio n/a Debt Equity Ratio n/a
Net Gearing n/a Gross Gearing n/a
Asset Equity Ratio n/a Cash Equity Ratio n/a
Quick Ratio n/a Current Ratio n/a
Price To Book Value n/a ROCE n/a

Highcroft Inv. Dividends

Type Ex-Date Pay Date Currency Net Dividend Year Total
H1 Dividend 13 Sep 2018 12 Oct 2018 GBX 18.75
H2 Dividend 03 May 2018 01 Jun 2018 GBX 30.00 46.25
H1 Dividend 14 Sep 2017 13 Oct 2017 GBX 16.25
H2 Dividend 04 May 2017 02 Jun 2017 GBX 26.00 41.00
H1 Dividend 15 Sep 2016 14 Oct 2016 GBX 15.00
H2 Dividend 05 May 2016 03 Jun 2016 GBX 24.50 38.80
H1 Dividend 17 Sep 2015 16 Oct 2015 GBX 14.30
H2 Dividend 07 May 2015 05 Jun 2015 GBX 22.75 36.00
H1 Dividend 17 Sep 2014 17 Oct 2014 GBX 13.25
H2 Dividend 30 Apr 2014 30 May 2014 GBX 21.25 33.75

Highcroft Inv. Company Financials

Assets (£m)
Tangible Assets
Intangible Assets
Total Fixed Assets
Cash & Equivalents
Other Assets
Total Assets
Liabilities (£m)
Creditors within 1 year
Creditors after 1 year
Other Liabilities
Total Liabilities
Net assets
Equity (£m)
Called up share capital
Share Premium
Profit / Loss
Other Equity
Preference & Minorities
Total Capital Employed
Debt Ratio
Net Gearing
Gross Gearing
Assets / Equity
Cash / Equity
Cash Flow (£m)
Cash from operating activities
Cashflow before financing
Increase in Cash
Income (£m)
Cost of sales
Gross Profit
Operating Profit
Pre-Tax profit
Profit / Loss for the year

Highcroft Inv. Company Background

Sector Real Estate Investment Trusts
Activities Highcroft Investments plc and its subsidiaries' principal activity is investment in property. It is incorporated and domiciled in Great Britain.
Latest Interim Date 09 Aug 2018
Latest Fiscal Year End Date 23 Mar 2018

Highcroft Inv. Directors

Appointed Director Position
01 Apr 2013 Simon Timothy Gill Chief Financial Officer
12 Sep 1995 David Henry Kingerlee Executive Director
01 Jul 2010 Roberta Caroline Miles Finance Director
02 Jan 2018 Charles Alistair Neilson Butler Non-Executive Chairman
17 Apr 2015 Charles Simon Arthur Costa Non-Executive Director

Highcroft Inv. Contact Details

Company Name n/a
Company Address n/a
Company Telephone n/a
Company Website n/a

Highcroft Inv. Advisors

Auditor Name n/a
Auditor Address n/a
Auditor Website n/a
Auditor Telephone n/a
Registrar Name n/a
Registrar Address n/a
Registrar Website n/a
Registrar Telephone n/a
Broker Name n/a
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Broker Telephone n/a
Adviser Name n/a
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Solicitor Name n/a
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