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Hargreaves Services PLC Market & Company News

06.06.2024 12:17HSPHargreaves Services expects annual profit to beat market expectationsAlliance
06.06.2024 07:00HSPTrading Update and Notice of Preliminary ResultsRNS
04.04.2024 13:08SNX, TRI, TTGUK dividends calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
28.03.2024 15:21HSPPDMR/PCA Share TransferRNS
20.03.2024 16:29HSPTransfer of shares held in TreasuryRNS
15.03.2024 16:00HSPPDMR/PCA Share TransferRNS
14.03.2024 15:06VSL, TSTL, TENTUK dividends calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
05.03.2024 10:06HSPDirector/PDMR DealingRNS
04.03.2024 16:30DGI9, CDL, HSPEARNINGS AND TRADING: Impairment charge pushes Quartix into the redAlliance
04.03.2024 07:00HSPRetirement Benefit Obligation Buy In updateRNS
05.02.2024 10:31HSPHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
31.01.2024 12:14HSPDirector / PDMR DealingRNS
24.01.2024 12:15HSPHargreaves Services lifts dividend despite drop in profit and revenueAlliance
24.01.2024 07:00HSPInterim resultsRNS
17.01.2024 15:42WJG, TIFS, QLTUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
10.01.2024 07:00HSPConfirmation of interim resultsRNS
21.12.2023 16:38HSPHargreave services ups dividend despite German JV disappointmentAlliance
21.12.2023 11:58HSPPDMR DealingRNS
21.12.2023 07:00HSPTrading Update, Notice of Results, Dividend PayoutRNS
07.11.2023 11:34HSPShare Options AwardsRNS
30.10.2023 11:56HSPDirector/PDMR DealingRNS
25.10.2023 14:45HSPResult of AGMRNS
25.10.2023 13:42HSPIN BRIEF: Hargreaves Services says not hurt by HS2 north section axingAlliance
25.10.2023 07:00HSPAGM StatementRNS
23.10.2023 12:27HSPPDMR and PCA Share Sale/PurchaseRNS
18.10.2023 15:45SPR, KAV, HSPUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
17.10.2023 10:40HSPDirector/PDMR DealingRNS
06.10.2023 15:08HSPExercise of Options and Total Voting RightsRNS
22.09.2023 09:36HSPNotice of AGM & Posting of Annual Report &AccountsRNS
06.09.2023 14:29HSPExercise of Options and TVRRNS
05.09.2023 14:49HSPTransfer of shares held in TreasuryRNS
04.09.2023 11:18AVG, HSP, FLOAvingtrans says Roger McDowell to return as chair on September 26Alliance
01.09.2023 11:15HSP, FLOHargreaves Services and Flowtech Fluidpower chair extends leaveAlliance
31.08.2023 07:00HSPBoard responsibilitiesRNS
30.08.2023 10:32HSPTransfer of shares held in Treasury/ PDMR DealingRNS
15.08.2023 11:15HSPDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
09.08.2023 12:07HSPHargreaves Services raises dividend despite annual profit fallAlliance
09.08.2023 07:00HSPPreliminary resultsRNS
03.08.2023 10:15HSPConfirmation of prelims and investor presentationRNS
02.08.2023 15:46EGY, TUI, TCAPUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
01.08.2023 15:23HE1, ZYT, HSPEXECUTIVE CHANGES: NWF chief and Michelmersh co-founder to retireAlliance
01.08.2023 07:00HSPBoard changesRNS
25.07.2023 14:27HSPHargreaves Services celebrates progress of renewable land assetsAlliance
25.07.2023 07:00HSPValuation and Realisation Plan for RenewablesRNS
24.07.2023 12:48HSPChange to date of Preliminary ResultsRNS
19.07.2023 14:35VANL, SAG, RIOUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
23.06.2023 13:35HSPConfirmation of prelims and investor presentationRNS
21.06.2023 13:10HSPHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
12.06.2023 13:28HSPExercise of OptionsRNS
08.06.2023 14:37CHH, HSP, CAMTRADING UPDATES: Camellia expects annual revenue to top prior yearAlliance
08.06.2023 07:00HSPTrading update and notice of preliminary resultsRNS
06.06.2023 13:35AVG, HSP, FLOIN BRIEF: Brand Architekts Chair Roger McDowell takes sabbaticalAlliance
05.06.2023 11:35AVG, HSP, FLOUPDATE: McDowell takes sabbatical from chair of three London listingsAlliance
05.06.2023 08:45AVG, HSPIN BRIEF: Hargreaves Services, Avingtrans chair takes sabbaticalAlliance
05.06.2023 07:00HSPBoard ResponsibilitiesRNS
01.06.2023 13:44HSPDirector/PDMR DealingRNS
20.04.2023 17:15HSPHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
17.04.2023 09:00HSPHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
25.01.2023 18:08HSPHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
25.01.2023 14:43VANL, SCLP, HSPTRADING UPDATES: Van Elle and Hargreaves Services post profit risesAlliance
25.01.2023 07:00HSPInterim resultsRNS
18.01.2023 15:50WJG, VANL, TLWUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
12.01.2023 12:35HSPConfirmation of interim resultsRNS
06.12.2022 14:14HSPHargreaves Services expects half-year revenue and profit growthAlliance
06.12.2022 07:00HSPTrading Update and Notice of Interim ResultsRNS
30.11.2022 07:00HSPChange of AdviserRNS
18.11.2022 16:41HSPSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
18.11.2022 16:36HSPPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
27.10.2022 14:39ALU, HSP, PCIPTRADING UPDATES: Franchise Brands to top annual expectations Alliance
27.10.2022 11:40HSPResult of AGMRNS
27.10.2022 07:00HSPAGM StatementRNS
20.10.2022 15:58SHIP, WRKS, S32UK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
07.09.2022 07:00HSPNotice of AGM & Posting of Annual Report &AccountsRNS
04.08.2022 11:49HSPShare options awards (amendment)RNS
01.08.2022 17:27HSPShare options awardsRNS
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