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Hyve Group PLC =

Deals on 03 February 2020

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
03/02/2020BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCAndrew BeachRES10,000 @ 98.44p£9,844.00

Hyve Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Nicholas BackhouseNED201916,2500.0200£145.44
Sharon BaylayNED20149,2060.0100£82.39
Richard LastCH2018195,0000.2400£1,745.25
Stephen PuckettNED20138,9370.0100£79.99
Mark ShashouaCEO2016609,2770.7500£5,453.03

Hyve Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
12/06/2020RIISHYVEHyve Group PLCNicholas BackhouseNED11,250 @ 69.00p£7,763.00
12/06/2020RIISHYVEHyve Group PLCStephen PuckettNED6,187 @ 69.00p£4,269.00
12/06/2020RIISHYVEHyve Group PLCRichard LastCH135,000 @ 69.00p£93,150.00
12/06/2020RIISHYVEHyve Group PLCAndrew BeachRES36,000 @ 69.00p£24,840.00
12/06/2020RIISHYVEHyve Group PLCMark ShashouaCEO421,807 @ 69.00p£291,047.00
12/06/2020RIISHYVEHyve Group PLCSharon BaylayNED6,373 @ 69.00p£4,397.00
03/02/2020BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCAndrew BeachRES10,000 @ 98.44p£9,844.00
15/07/2019BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCRichard LastCH77,600 @ 73.20p£56,803.00
15/07/2019BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCRichard LastCH2,400 @ 73.20p£1,757.00
11/07/2019BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCRichard LastCH50,000 @ 73.20p£36,600.00
11/07/2019BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCRichard LastCH20,000 @ 73.20p£14,640.00
11/07/2019BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCRichard LastCH50,000 @ 73.20p£36,600.00
09/07/2019BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCAndrew BeachRES25,000 @ 74.40p£18,600.00
10/06/2019BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCNicholas BackhouseNED50,000 @ 77.00p£38,500.00
16/05/2019BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCRichard LastCH50,000 @ 75.00p£37,500.00
13/12/2018BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCAndrew BeachRES25,250 @ 60.01p£15,152.00
13/12/2018BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCMark ShashouaCEO80,000 @ 60.01p£48,007.00
25/10/2018BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCAndrew BeachRES33,500 @ 59.70p£20,000.00
22/10/2018BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCMark ShashouaCEO80,000 @ 60.55p£48,440.00
15/10/2018BUYHYVEHyve Group PLCMark ShashouaCEO30,000 @ 63.00p£18,900.00
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