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The pros and cons of investing in Fundsmith’s new Smithson investment trust

Investors who have made a mint from Fundsmith Equity (B41YBW7) are now deciding whether to back a new fund from the same asset manager, to be called Smithson Investment Trust. The prospectus has shed some more light on the strategy and potential investments, meaning we now have a much better idea of the possible shape of the trust’s portfolio. Our conclusion from these bits of information ...

Adapt or die: The companies forced to transform as technology and markets evolve

Nothing stays the same forever and the best companies are those which are flexible and innovative enough to adapt. Without this capacity they risk becoming obsolete and are likely to face a steady decline in profit and cash flow until they eventually go bust or the remaining viable bits of the business are broken up and sold. The guiding motto of Andrew Grove, the man behind the rise of US ...
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