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Joules Group PLC =

Deals on 10 August 2020

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
11/08/2020SEXRJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD26,334 @ 92.95p£24,477.00

Joules Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Marc DenchFD2016335,5400.3100£4,009.70
Ian FilbyCH201850,0000.0600£597.50
Nicholas JonesCEO201993,7500.1000£1,120.31
Tom JouleED201629,498,43333.0000£352,506.27
Jill LittleNED201638,1250.0400£455.59
David SteadNED201668,7500.0800£821.56

Joules Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
11/08/2020SEXRJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD26,334 @ 92.95p£24,477.00
11/08/2020EXRJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD54,142 @ 1.00p£541.00
07/04/2020PLACJOULJoules Group PLCDavid SteadNED37,500 @ 80.00p£30,000.00
07/04/2020PLACJOULJoules Group PLCJill LittleNED12,500 @ 80.00p£10,000.00
07/04/2020PLACJOULJoules Group PLCIan FilbyCH50,000 @ 80.00p£40,000.00
07/04/2020PLACJOULJoules Group PLCTom JouleED1,250,000 @ 80.00p£1,000,000.00
07/04/2020PLACJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD25,000 @ 80.00p£20,000.00
07/04/2020PLACJOULJoules Group PLCNicholas JonesCEO93,750 @ 80.00p£75,000.00
22/01/2020BUYJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD6,059 @ 197.81p£11,986.00
22/01/2020BUYJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD10,000 @ 197.82p£19,782.00
26/07/2019SEXRJOULJoules Group PLCTom JouleED91,206 @ 247.33p£225,582.00
26/07/2019EXRJOULJoules Group PLCTom JouleED192,429 @ 1.00p£1,924.00
26/07/2019SEXRJOULJoules Group PLCColin PorterRES209,796 @ 247.33p£518,893.00
26/07/2019EXRJOULJoules Group PLCColin PorterRES209,796 @ 1.00p£2,098.00
26/07/2019EXRJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD333,311 @ 1.00p£3,333.00
26/07/2019SEXRJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD230,988 @ 247.33p£571,307.00
01/08/2018EXRJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD163,246 @ 0.00p£0.00
01/08/2018SEXRJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD78,493 @ 325.00p£255,102.00
08/05/2018SELLJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD10,000 @ 371.00p£37,100.00
08/05/2018SELLJOULJoules Group PLCMarc DenchFD35,000 @ 365.00p£127,750.00
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