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Opg Power Ventures PLC =

Deals on 01 January 1970

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue

Opg Power Ventures PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Arvind GuptaCEO2008206,492,16651.5300£237,465.99
Dmitri TsvetkovFD20171,126,6910.2800£1,295.69
Jeremy Warner-AllenCH20171,124,6800.2800£1,293.38

Opg Power Ventures PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
07/01/2020DRIPOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCJeremy BeetonRES1,652 @ 18.15p£300.00
07/01/2020DRIPOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCArvind GuptaCEO6,607,749 @ 18.15p£1,199,306.00
07/01/2020DRIPOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCJeremy Warner-AllenCH35,989 @ 18.15p£6,532.00
07/01/2020DRIPOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCDmitri TsvetkovFD36,054 @ 18.15p£6,544.00
14/02/2019DRIPOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCPatrick GrasbyRES915 @ 11.28p£103.00
14/02/2019DRIPOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCArvind GuptaCEO16,283,860 @ 11.28p£1,836,005.00
14/02/2019DRIPOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCJeremy Warner-AllenCH88,691 @ 11.28p£10,000.00
14/02/2019DRIPOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCDmitri TsvetkovFD88,850 @ 11.28p£10,018.00
17/12/2018BUYOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCJeremy BeetonRES50,000 @ 23.36p£11,680.00
03/10/2018BUYOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCJeremy Warner-AllenCH196,271 @ 12.30p£24,141.00
03/10/2018BUYOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCJeremy Warner-AllenCH500,000 @ 11.95p£59,750.00
01/10/2018BUYOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCDmitri TsvetkovFD601,787 @ 10.70p£64,391.00
01/10/2018BUYOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCDmitri TsvetkovFD250,000 @ 10.70p£26,750.00
01/10/2018BUYOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCDmitri TsvetkovFD50,000 @ 10.70p£5,350.00
19/03/2018BUYOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCDmitri TsvetkovFD25,000 @ 17.94p£4,485.00
19/03/2018BUYOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCDmitri TsvetkovFD50,000 @ 18.28p£9,142.00
09/01/2018BUYOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCDmitri TsvetkovFD25,000 @ 22.88p£5,719.00
22/12/2017DRIPOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCPatrick GrasbyRES277 @ 26.02p£72.00
22/12/2017DRIPOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCArvind GuptaCEO4,714,129 @ 26.02p£1,226,758.00
18/12/2017BUYOPGOpg Power Ventures PLCJeremy Warner-AllenCH290,000 @ 17.00p£49,300.00
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