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Remote Monitored Systems PLC =

Deals on 11 January 2021

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
11/01/2021SELLRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCTrevor BrownED14,000,000 @ 2.60p£364,000.00

Remote Monitored Systems PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Trevor BrownED201724,000,0001.2000£6,840.00

Remote Monitored Systems PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
14/01/2021EXRRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCTrevor BrownED14,000,000 @ 1.40p£196,000.00
13/01/2021EXRRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCTrevor BrownED10,000,000 @ 1.40p£140,000.00
11/01/2021SELLRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCTrevor BrownED14,000,000 @ 2.60p£364,000.00
11/01/2021SELLRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCTrevor BrownED10,000,000 @ 2.90p£290,000.00
18/11/2020SELLRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCPaul RyanRES28,942,970 @ 0.00p£0.00
17/11/2020SELLRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCPaul RyanRES41,772,274 @ 5.01p£2,092,791.00
13/11/2020SEXRRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCPaul RyanRES6,700,000 @ 1.49p£99,830.00
13/11/2020EXRRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCPaul RyanRES10,000,000 @ 0.50p£50,000.00
12/11/2020BUYRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCPaul RyanRES12,824,042 @ 0.28p£35,907.00
12/11/2020SEXRRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCPaul RyanRES12,821,995 @ 3.20p£410,432.00
12/11/2020EXRRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCPaul RyanRES12,618,928 @ 0.28p£35,333.00
30/06/2020SELLRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCTrevor BrownED119,637,590 @ 0.27p£329,003.00
09/04/2020PLACRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCPaul RyanRES10,000,000 @ 0.25p£25,000.00
09/04/2020PLACRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCTrevor BrownED10,000,000 @ 0.25p£25,000.00
05/07/2019LOFRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCPaul RyanRES15,768,382 @ 0.45p£70,958.00
05/07/2019LOFRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCTrevor BrownED5,333,333 @ 0.45p£24,000.00
11/01/2019PLACRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCNigel BurtonRES15,384,615 @ 0.65p£100,000.00
11/01/2019PLACRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCTrevor BrownED15,384,615 @ 0.65p£100,000.00
23/04/2018EXRRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCTrevor BrownED485,714,286 @ 0.03p£170,000.00
23/04/2018EXRRMSRemote Monitored Systems PLCNigel BurtonRES71,428,571 @ 0.03p£25,000.00
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