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Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings LTD Market & Company News

12.01.2022 07:00RQIHAccredited announces 5-year program dealReach
11.01.2022 07:00RQIHR&Q commences trading on OTCQX market in the USRNS
08.12.2021 07:00RQIHQ3 Program Management UpdateRNS
01.12.2021 15:45RQIHResult of General MeetingRNS
08.11.2021 16:23RQIHNotice of General MeetingRNS
28.10.2021 11:11RQIHNotification of major holdingsRNS
08.10.2021 07:00RQIHAllotment of SharesRNS
05.10.2021 10:15RQIHAIM Rule 17 NotificationRNS
27.09.2021 07:00RQIHR&Q appoints CEO for Legacy InsuranceRNS
24.09.2021 13:39RQIHDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
23.09.2021 10:57RQIHDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
21.09.2021 16:54RQIHTR-1:notification of major holdingsRNS
20.09.2021 16:43RQIHTR-1: notification of major holdingsRNS
17.09.2021 16:26RQIHTR-1: notification of major holdingsRNS
08.09.2021 07:00RQIHLoss Portfolio TransferReach
06.09.2021 07:00RQIHResults for the half year ended 30 June 2021RNS
27.08.2021 07:00RQIHInsurance Business Transfer ECRA Pool LiabilitiesRNS
23.08.2021 07:00RQIHNotice of Results and Investor PresentationRNS
29.07.2021 07:00RQIHProgram Management UpdateRNS
16.07.2021 18:25RQIHAllotment of SharesRNS
16.07.2021 17:14RQIHNotification of Major HoldingsRNS
09.07.2021 09:49RQIHNotification of major holdingsRNS
29.06.2021 11:40RQIHDistribution of Annual Report & AccountsRNS
28.06.2021 07:00RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
21.06.2021 18:16RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
21.06.2021 18:13RQIHResult of Annual General MeetingRNS
28.05.2021 10:49RQIHNotice of AGM and Dividend DeclarationRNS
27.05.2021 07:00RQIHCompletion of Four Portfolio TransfersRNS
24.05.2021 07:00RQIHResults for the year ended 31 December 2020RNS
21.05.2021 07:00RQIHAppointment of Head of Data Strategy & TechnologyReach
19.05.2021 07:00RQIHAcquisitionReach
12.05.2021 07:00RQIHNotice of Investor PresentationRNS
11.05.2021 13:17RQIHTR-1: Standard form notification of major holdingsRNS
12.04.2021 07:00RQIHNotice of ResultsRNS
01.04.2021 16:54RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
01.04.2021 07:00RQIHWilliam Spiegel succeeds Ken RandallRNS
30.03.2021 17:08RQIHUnsecured floating rate notesRNS
24.03.2021 15:55RQIHUnsecured floating rate notesRNS
23.03.2021 15:18RQIHListing of Floating Rate NotesRNS
18.03.2021 07:00RQIHR&Q increases interest in TradesmanRNS
16.03.2021 07:00RQIHAllotment of Shares/Director DealingRNS
22.02.2021 07:00RQIHProgram Management UpdateRNS
29.01.2021 17:22RQIHTR-1: Notification of Major HoldingsRNS
28.01.2021 12:42RQIHTR-1: Notification of Major HoldingsRNS
27.01.2021 16:08RQIHTR-1: Notification of Major HoldingsRNS
22.01.2021 07:00RQIHCompletion of share exchange by BrickellRNS
11.01.2021 12:47RQIHTR-1: Standard form notification of major holdingsRNS
08.01.2021 07:00RQIHAppointment of BrokerRNS
06.01.2021 16:25RQIHDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
05.01.2021 07:00RQIHRegulatory Approval of UK Legacy AcquisitionsReach
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