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R&Q Insurance Holdings LTD Market & Company News

12.08.2022 19:13RQIHIN BRIEF: Shareholder Phoenix seeks to remove R&Q Chair SpiegelAlliance
12.08.2022 18:20RQIHResponse to requisitionRNS
08.08.2022 10:26RQIHR&Q Insurance premiums rise in first half on strong platform growthAlliance
08.08.2022 07:00RQIHQ2 2022 Program Management UpdateRNS
02.08.2022 10:05RQIHTR-1: notification of major holdingsRNS
19.07.2022 12:10RQIHIN BRIEF: Randall & Quilter Investment changes name to R&Q InsuranceAlliance
19.07.2022 07:00RQIHChange of Company NameRNS
14.07.2022 15:03RQIHResult of Annual General MeetingRNS
14.07.2022 12:47RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
14.07.2022 12:45RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
14.07.2022 10:46RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
13.07.2022 15:57RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
13.07.2022 15:57RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
13.07.2022 15:54RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
13.07.2022 14:15RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
12.07.2022 14:03RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
11.07.2022 19:15CBX, ENSI, HBRTRADING UPDATES: BlueRock hit by extreme weather; Harbour drills wellAlliance
11.07.2022 15:44RQIHResults of General Meeting and Open OfferRNS
07.07.2022 16:01RS1, RQIH, MINDUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
06.07.2022 15:56RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
04.07.2022 15:58WATR, RQIHUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
01.07.2022 07:00RQIHTR-1: notification of major holdingsRNS
01.07.2022 07:00RQIHTR-1: notification of major holdingsRNS
01.07.2022 07:00RQIHTR-1: notification of major holdingsRNS
20.06.2022 16:00RQIHNotice of Annual General Meeting and Annual ReportRNS
17.06.2022 16:30RQIHPosting of Circular and Notice of General MeetingRNS
16.06.2022 10:15RQIHTR-1: notification of major holdingsRNS
16.06.2022 10:09RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
14.06.2022 17:45RQIHUPDATE: Randall & Quilter raises USD125 million from fundraise Alliance
14.06.2022 13:50RQIHIN BRIEF: Randall & Quilter increases fundraise to USD125 millionAlliance
14.06.2022 08:00RQIHUpdate on Fundraise and Legal SettlementRNS
13.06.2022 10:47SCIR, OBC, RQIHAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Tekmar puts itself up for sale as loss widensAlliance
13.06.2022 10:17RQIHRandall & Quilter rises despite swing to loss; announces fundraiseAlliance
13.06.2022 07:00RQIHProposed Placing and Open OfferRNS
13.06.2022 07:00RQIHResults for the year ended 31 December 2021RNS
30.05.2022 17:59RQIHIN BRIEF: Randall & Quilter Investment rises on strong performanceAlliance
30.05.2022 07:00RQIHQ1 2022 Program Management UpdateRNS
25.05.2022 18:11RQIHResult of Special General MeetingRNS
25.05.2022 12:11RQIH, PETS, MKSLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Dividend payers on the up, Ocado hit by warningAlliance
25.05.2022 11:58RQIHCORRECT: Randall & Quilter shares fall as Brickell backs out of buyAlliance
25.05.2022 11:50RQIHRandall & Quilter shares fall as Brickwell backs out of takeoverAlliance
25.05.2022 11:22RQIH, TGP, NWTAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: R&Q falls as suitor looks to back out of buyAlliance
25.05.2022 07:00RQIHInformation in relation to proposed AcquisitionRNS
24.05.2022 16:35RQIHPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
24.05.2022 15:36RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
20.05.2022 16:16RQIHAdjournment of Special General MeetingRNS
05.05.2022 12:49RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
27.04.2022 16:30RQIHPublication and posting of CircularRNS
22.04.2022 10:58RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
22.04.2022 10:55RQIHTR-1: Notification of major holdingsRNS
01.04.2022 17:16BPT, FRAS, RKTLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Stocks end week on strong note following US dataAlliance
01.04.2022 11:07RQIHTOP NEWS SUMMARY: Inflation and factory sector readings show war costsAlliance
01.04.2022 11:01RQIHTOP NEWS: Randall & Quilter Investment accepts takeover offerAlliance
01.04.2022 08:22LRE, SGRO, BPTLONDON BRIEFING: R&Q Investment accepts GBP482 million takeoverAlliance
01.04.2022 07:00RQIHRecommended Acquisition of R&Q Investment HoldingsRNS
12.01.2022 07:00RQIHAccredited announces 5-year program dealReach
11.01.2022 07:00RQIHR&Q commences trading on OTCQX market in the USRNS
08.12.2021 07:00RQIHQ3 Program Management UpdateRNS
01.12.2021 15:45RQIHResult of General MeetingRNS
08.11.2021 16:23RQIHNotice of General MeetingRNS
28.10.2021 11:11RQIHNotification of major holdingsRNS
08.10.2021 07:00RQIHAllotment of SharesRNS
05.10.2021 10:15RQIHAIM Rule 17 NotificationRNS
27.09.2021 07:00RQIHR&Q appoints CEO for Legacy InsuranceRNS
24.09.2021 13:39RQIHDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
23.09.2021 10:57RQIHDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
21.09.2021 16:54RQIHTR-1:notification of major holdingsRNS
20.09.2021 16:43RQIHTR-1: notification of major holdingsRNS
17.09.2021 16:26RQIHTR-1: notification of major holdingsRNS
08.09.2021 07:00RQIHLoss Portfolio TransferReach
06.09.2021 07:00RQIHResults for the half year ended 30 June 2021RNS
27.08.2021 07:00RQIHInsurance Business Transfer ECRA Pool LiabilitiesRNS
23.08.2021 07:00RQIHNotice of Results and Investor PresentationRNS
29.07.2021 07:00RQIHProgram Management UpdateRNS
16.07.2021 18:25RQIHAllotment of SharesRNS
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