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Scapa Group PLC =

Deals on 24 June 2020

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
25/06/2020BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCHeejae ChaeRES19,899 @ 100.00p£19,899.00

Scapa Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Christopher BrinsmeadCH202000.0000£0.00
Brendan McAtamneyNED201823,6730.0100£345.63
Timothy MillerNED19,0470.0100£278.09
Oskar ZahnFD20189,3000.0100£135.78

Scapa Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
25/06/2020BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCHeejae ChaeRES19,899 @ 100.00p£19,899.00
14/05/2020PLACSCPAScapa Group PLCDavid BlackwoodRES14,285 @ 105.00p£14,999.00
14/05/2020PLACSCPAScapa Group PLCHeejae ChaeRES142,857 @ 105.00p£150,000.00
14/05/2020PLACSCPAScapa Group PLCBrendan McAtamneyNED9,523 @ 105.00p£9,999.00
14/05/2020PLACSCPAScapa Group PLCTimothy MillerNED19,047 @ 105.00p£19,999.00
18/06/2019BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCSevan DemirdogenRES5,000 @ 210.00p£10,500.00
14/06/2019BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCPierre GuyotRES15,000 @ 199.20p£29,880.00
12/06/2019BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCHeejae ChaeRES109,700 @ 183.80p£201,629.00
12/06/2019BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCLawrence PentzRES17,000 @ 182.40p£31,008.00
12/06/2019BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCOskar ZahnFD8,300 @ 180.00p£14,940.00
06/03/2019BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCHeejae ChaeRES16,552 @ 302.07p£49,999.00
12/02/2019SELLSCPAScapa Group PLCHeejae ChaeRES200,000 @ 333.00p£666,000.00
08/02/2019SEXRSCPAScapa Group PLCHeejae ChaeRES75,179 @ 327.60p£246,286.00
08/02/2019EXRSCPAScapa Group PLCHeejae ChaeRES192,683 @ 0.00p£0.00
08/02/2019SEXRSCPAScapa Group PLCHeejae ChaeRES192,683 @ 344.20p£663,215.00
11/12/2018EXRSCPAScapa Group PLCHeejae ChaeRES5,660 @ 159.00p£8,999.00
23/11/2018BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCMartin SawkinsRES6,500 @ 313.86p£20,401.00
23/11/2018BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCBrendan McAtamneyNED14,150 @ 317.00p£44,856.00
23/11/2018BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCPierre GuyotRES15,000 @ 322.58p£48,387.00
23/11/2018BUYSCPAScapa Group PLCOskar ZahnFD1,000 @ 319.00p£3,190.00
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