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Thor Energy PLC Market & Company News

06.03.2024 21:09THRIN BRIEF: Thor Energy hails new 3D model highlights on mineralisationAlliance
06.03.2024 07:00THR3D Model Shows Alford East Copper MineralisationRNS
05.03.2024 20:43TMO, THR, OGNEARNINGS: dotdigital eyes rosy future; Beeks Financial turns to profitAlliance
05.03.2024 07:00THRHalf-year ReportRNS
29.02.2024 19:42AREC, ENSI, BCEEARNINGS AND TRADING: East Star, Getech strike Kazakhstan JVAlliance
29.02.2024 10:27AVCT, BCE, THRAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Beacon Energy and Avacta fall on fundraiseAlliance
29.02.2024 07:00THRHigh Grade Uranium and Vanadium Assays ResultsRNS
30.01.2024 14:39THRThor Energy expects "exciting" year after busy quarterAlliance
30.01.2024 07:00THRQuarterly Activities and Cash Flow ReportRNS
26.01.2024 14:30PUAL, PU13, RSETRADING UPDATES: Puma and Puma Alpha invest in Not Another BeerAlliance
25.01.2024 07:00THRAlligator completes Initial Investment in ECLRNS
18.01.2024 14:35THRThor Energy up after Colorado drilling reveals high-grade UraniumAlliance
18.01.2024 07:00THRUranium UpdateRNS
18.12.2023 18:33POW, MEN, TUNEARNINGS AND TRADING: Goldplat profit tumbles despite revenue jumpAlliance
18.12.2023 07:30THRAlligator Energy Invests into ISR CopperRNS
18.12.2023 07:00THREnviroCopper Ltd to Acquire Alford West TenementRNS
11.12.2023 20:44OBI, BRES, THRTRADING UPDATES: Ondine Biomedical raises GBP2.9 million via placingAlliance
11.12.2023 07:00THRCopper Recoveries Advance ISR AssessmentRNS
04.12.2023 13:28THRIN BRIEF: Thor Energy finds high-grade uranium intercepts at GroundogAlliance
04.12.2023 07:00THRHigh-Grade Uranium Intercepts at GroundhogRNS
30.11.2023 12:00THRConference AttendanceReach
29.11.2023 10:50THRResult of AGMRNS
22.11.2023 15:53VAST, TRT, THRUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
22.11.2023 14:01THRThor Energy completes drilling programme at Wedding Bell projectAlliance
22.11.2023 07:00THRDrilling Program CompletedRNS
15.11.2023 11:41THRIN BRIEF: Thor Energy shares surge on "significant" uranium findAlliance
15.11.2023 07:00THRSignificant Uranium Mineralisation InterceptedRNS
08.11.2023 14:12THRIN BRIEF: Thor Energy says Investigator Resources starts Molyhil drillAlliance
08.11.2023 13:30THRDrilling starts at Molyhil Tungsten ProjectRNS
07.11.2023 18:11CEG, ALL, YOUTRADING UPDATES: Actual Experience appoints administratorsAlliance
07.11.2023 07:00THRCopper Hosting Troughs Defined by ANT SurveysRNS
03.11.2023 10:45THRIN BRIEF: Thor Energy increases stake in Alford East project to 80%Alliance
03.11.2023 07:05THRIncreases interest in Alford East Project to 80%RNS
03.11.2023 07:05THRNotice of AGMRNS
31.10.2023 07:00THRQuarterly Activities and Cash Flow ReportRNS
26.10.2023 07:00THRCorporate PresentationReach
23.10.2023 07:00THRDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
18.10.2023 13:30THRIN BRIEF: Thor Energy starts uranium drilling at Colorado projectsAlliance
18.10.2023 07:30THRUranium Drilling CommencesRNS
03.10.2023 09:59THRThor Energy surveying underway at Alford East using Fleet Space techAlliance
03.10.2023 07:00THRANT Geophysical Surveys CommenceReach
29.09.2023 14:35SYME, TRU, MOREEARNINGS: Supply@Me loss narrows; notes strong pipelineAlliance
29.09.2023 13:30THRResults for the year ended 30 June 2023RNS
20.09.2023 19:15RRR, KINO, GLRTRADING UPDATES: Thor Energy fundraise to support drilling activitiesAlliance
20.09.2023 07:00THREquity Placing to Accelerate Uranium DrillingRNS
18.09.2023 11:38THRIN BRIEF: Thor Energy halts Sydney trades due to planned capital raiseAlliance
18.09.2023 07:30THRASX Trading HaltRNS
13.09.2023 18:54THRThor Energy hails government approval for testing at copper projectAlliance
13.09.2023 07:00THRKey Environmental Approvals GrantedRNS
04.09.2023 11:55THRThor Energy partners with Fleet Space for mineral exploration Alliance
04.09.2023 07:00THRFleet Space Technologies CollaborationRNS
23.08.2023 10:56THRResult of GM & Share Capital ConsolidationRNS
17.08.2023 10:37THR, WNWDAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Tremor cuts guidance after soft first halfAlliance
17.08.2023 09:22THRThor Energy gets all approvals needed for Colorado projects drillingAlliance
17.08.2023 07:00THRUranium Drilling Approvals GrantedRNS
16.08.2023 15:47THR, SVML, LIFSUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
04.08.2023 11:25THRIN BRIEF: Thor Energy proposes share consolidation to reduce sharesAlliance
04.08.2023 10:41UFO, IKA, EUZAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Ilika up as inks 10-year manufacturing licenceAlliance
04.08.2023 07:00THRProposed Share Consolidation and Notice of GMRNS
01.08.2023 19:45SRB, EVST, THRTRADING UPDATES: Spectral does not expect delay to Rosecliff dealAlliance
31.07.2023 07:00THRQuarterly Activities and Cash Flow ReportRNS
27.07.2023 18:22OCTP, MILA, ADT1TRADING UPDATES: Pod Point cuts outlook; CVS Group buys in AustraliaAlliance
27.07.2023 07:00THRUranium Targets IdentifiedRNS
31.05.2023 14:19THRIN BRIEF: Thor Energy initiates surveys to identify mineralisationAlliance
31.05.2023 07:00THRAirborne Magnetic & Radiometric Surveys CommenceRNS
22.05.2023 07:00THRShareholder and Investor EventReach
03.05.2023 07:00THRRIU Sydney Conference AttendanceReach
28.04.2023 07:33THRQuarterly Activities and Cash Flow ReportRNS
26.04.2023 19:33BHL, EST, THRTRADING UPDATES: Thor Energy reports significant drill intercepts Alliance
26.04.2023 07:00THRAlford East: High-grade Rare Earth DiscoveryRNS
24.04.2023 10:45THRThor Energy confirms vanadium mineralisation at Colorado projectsAlliance
24.04.2023 09:50TXP, THR, KDRAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Karelian rises as exploration programmes beginAlliance
24.04.2023 07:00THRPositive Vanadium Assay ResultsRNS
17.04.2023 19:43NBDD, ZEN, BVCTRADING UPDATES: BATM reports Edgility progress, Rambler starts sale Alliance
17.04.2023 07:00THRAlford West Project Survey ResultsRNS
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