About Shares

Shares is the leading online resource for private investors and is read by tens of thousands of individuals managing their own money as well as analysts, fund managers, stockbrokers and company directors who value our market insight.

Launched in 1999, we publish a weekly digital magazine every Thursday and provide daily online comment about stocks, funds, investment trusts, ETFs, ISAs, SIPPs, savings and personal finance.

Our expert writers are highly regarded in the City and their comment frequently influences the market’s view of individual companies and their underlying share price. Our easy-to-read style and depth of analysis has made Shares essential reading for those investing today.

We write about all the companies on the UK stock market, covering all the small, mid and large cap stocks on both AIM and London's Main Market. We also look at some of the big names on foreign stock markets and we are the best source in the industry for information on IPOs (initial public offerings) for UK stock market floats.

Although the brand name is Shares, our coverage extends to all parts of investing and saving. Every week we look at funds and investment trusts, interviewing fund managers about the secrets of their investing technique and highlighting products that provide exposure to interesting companies, geographies and growth or income-generating assets.

If you are particularly looking for high-yielding stocks or funds to generate an income from the markets, we regularly profile products that pay regular dividends.

We also write about ways in which to build a diversified investment portfolio as well as managing your investments once you have started to put money into an ISA, dealing account, SIPP (self invested personal pension) or savings accounts.

Our weekly digital magazine is full of ideas for filling your portfolio, whether you are saving for something like a new house or car, or if you are investing to fund your child's university fees or even your grandchild's Junior ISA.

Subscribers to our digital magazine also free access to a wide range of tools and services including live share prices, charts and financial information on companies.

We show you how to make money and save money by giving you all the important information to help you make informed investment decisions.