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How can I contact you?

If you have a query that isn’t answered in the FAQs below, you can email us at

Subscription queries

What features do I get access to as a paid subscriber?

As a paid subscriber you get:

  • The latest issue of Shares magazine every Thursday
  • Full access to premium content including our latest investment ideas
  • All the latest information on directors buying and selling shares
  • 15 customisable watchlists where you can track up to 150 stocks per watchlist

How do I register for a free account?

To register for a free account follow this link and select 'Register Free'.

How do I activate my account?

Once you have registered, you should receive an activation email within 30 minutes. This email will include a link that you will need to click on to activate your account. If you have not received the email please check your junk folder. If after 30 minutes you still have not received an activation email, contact us at for further assistance.

I'm an AJ Bell customer, how do I access my free Shares magazine?

AJ Bell YouInvest customers with more than £4,000 in their account qualify for free access to the weekly digital magazine. Visit the AJ Bell YouInvest website and in the navigation bar select Shares and markets > Shares Magazine. This will give you access to your free Shares magazine.

Qualifying AJ Bell YouInvest customers who would like to use the premium tools and services on Shares' website including live prices will need to subscribe separately to Shares. You can subscribe to Shares by selecting 'Subscribe' in the top right hand corner of the home page.

How do I access the weekly magazine?

The weekly magazine comes out every Thursday and is only available to premium users. To access the magazine, sign in, select 'Magazine' and 'Latest Issue'. You can read the magazine online or download it as a PDF.

Personal settings

I have forgotten my password

To reset your password click on 'sign in' and then follow the 'Forgotten Password' link. Please enter your email address, you should receive a reset email. If you haven't received an email within 30 minutes, please check your junk mail. If you are still having difficulties please email us at

I can't sign in

If you can't sign in please check that your email address is correct and try to reset your password. If you have recently changed your password, your internet browser may be remembering the old password. If this is the case clear any internet cookies and saved passwords and try again. If you are still having difficulties you can email us at

I keep having to login

To comply with our heightened security system the website will log you out from time to time. If this happens, simply log back into Shares to continue browsing.

How do I add/update my personal details?

To update your personal information, sign in and select 'Manage Account' (this is in the top right hand side of the page). On this page you will be able to update your email address, password, name, address and card details.

I want to remove my personal data from Shares, how do I do this?

If you wish to completely remove your personal data from Shares please email us at and we will arrange for your data to be removed.

Navigation around the site

How do I sign in on my mobile?

If you are using a mobile/tablet device select the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen to sign in.

How do I find charts?

You can access charts by clicking on 'Tools' and then 'Market tools' in the navigation bar. From here, select 'Charts'. You can search for a company under the 'Filter' subheading. Select which features you would like to view, then click 'Draw'. You should now be able to view your chart.

How do I get live prices?

Customers who hold a free account on Shares will receive share prices with a 15 minute delay. All share prices are live for premium customers on Shares.

You can access live prices by selecting Tools > Market Tools > Share Prices. Enter the name of the company or the EPIC code you wish to search. Once on the individual stock page, select 'Live' in the navigation bar. This will take you to our 'Live Share Price' page. Select 'Go live' to view the latest live trades.

If you have a premium account you can access live prices by selecting Tools > Market Tools > Stockwatch. Once on this page, select your Stockwatch and the press the 'Go Live' button to see the most recent live trades.

My live prices aren't working

Our Stockwatch feature will work best on internet browsers from 2017 onwards. If your browser is dated before 2017, simply update your browser to have the best experience. If your live prices still aren't working, please contact us at

How do I find live trades?

Premium customers can access live trades. To find live trades go to Tools > Market Data > Share Prices. Enter the company name or the EPIC code you wish to view. You will then be taken to the individual stock page, select 'Live'. Once on the page click on to the 'Go Live' button and you should then be able to see live trades coming though.

How do I access stockwatch?

To access stockwatch select Tools > Market Tools > Stockwatch. Here you can add, edit and delete watchlists. Each watchlist holds up to 150 stocks. You can have up to 15 watchlists.

How do I create a watchlist on stockwatch?

To create a watchlist press the '+' symbol. Enter a name for your watchlist. To add stocks to your watchlist type the EPIC code into the EPIC box, choose the relevant company you would like to add to your watchlist and then click 'Add'. Once you have added all of the companies you want in your watchlist click 'Save'. If you can't see your watchlist straight away, press the drop down menu box to find it.

How do I edit my watchlist?

Have a look at this short video to find out how you can edit your watchlist.

How do I add a stock onto my watchlist?

To add stocks to your watchlist go to your Stockwatch, select the relevant watchlist and press the pencil symbol. At this point you can type the EPIC into the EPIC box, choose the company you would like and then select 'Add'. Once you have added all of the companies you would like in your watchlist press 'Save'. If you can't see your watchlist straight away press the drop down menu box to find it.

How do I delete a stock in my watchlist?

To delete stocks from your watchlist go to your Stockwatch, select the relevant watchlist and select the pencil icon. This will bring up all the stocks you have on your watchlist. To delete press the red 'x' next to each EPIC to remove it. Once you have deleted all of the companies you would like from your watchlist, press 'Save'. If you can’t see your watchlist straight away press the drop down menu box to find it.

How do I delete a watchlist on stockwatch?

To delete a watchlist go to your stockwatch, select the appropriate watchlist and press the bin icon.

Do you provide a Level 2 service?

We don't provide a Level 2 service but we do offer many other valuable tools and services. You can use these if you have a premium account. To find our tools and services, select 'Tools' from the navigation bar. Under this subheading you can find market data, director deals and market tools such as stockwatch and alerts.

Cancel or downgrade my account

Why has my account downgraded?

This is normally due to an expired card. The system will attempt to take payment for 5 days before it downgrades, an automatic email should be sent to you each time this happens.

I want to cancel my subscription

To cancel your subscription please go to Manage Account > Subscription > Cancel subscription. Please note if you signed up through our external subscription service when the magazine was printed you can call 01444 703 814 and someone will be able to assist you.

Or you can contact us on social media!