Company directors know the state of their business better than anyone. Investors like to keep a keen eye out for those that are buying and selling and often follow their lead in and out of those companies. Updated continually throughout the day we collate and monitor the directors buying and selling transactions.

Latest deals

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
02/03/21LOFTPKTravis Perkins PLCStuart ChambersCH238 @ £14.72£3,503.00
02/03/21EXRAO.Ao World PLCJohn RobertsCEO20,224 @ £0.89£17,999.00
02/03/21EXRCWKCranswick PLCMartin DaveyRES350 @ £25.65£8,978.00
02/03/21SEXRCWKCranswick PLCMartin DaveyRES350 @ £34.12£11,943.00
02/03/21BUYPMOPremier Oil PLCRichard RoseED504 @ £0.30£150.00
02/03/21TINPMOPremier Oil PLCRichard RoseED504 @ £0.00£0.00
02/03/21LOFTPKTravis Perkins PLCPeter RedfernNED83 @ £14.72£1,222.00
02/03/21LOFTPKTravis Perkins PLCChristopher RogersNED47 @ £14.72£692.00
02/03/21LOFTPKTravis Perkins PLCColine McConvilleNED62 @ £14.72£913.00
02/03/21LOFTPKTravis Perkins PLCJohn RogersNED57 @ £14.72£839.00

Weekly net transaction (1 year)

Director transactions (1 year)

Contrarian buys

Directors who have bought after the share price has fallen by more than 20% within:

% Chg
% Gain
Jonathan Massing500,000-28.078.70
Gary Wilder500,000-28.078.70
Harry Rein24,344-24.140.11
Alison Platt4,600-20.81-3.34

Bailout trades

Directors who have sold after the share price has risen by more than 20% within:

% Chg
Martin Diggle200,000134.04
Martin Diggle200,000134.04
Stephen Boydell6,500132.67
Graeme Purdy6,500132.67
Brian Hayden6,500132.67
Martin Diggle200,000124.68
Martin Diggle200,000124.68
Martin Diggle300,000124.68
Martin Diggle250,000124.68
Martin Diggle200,000124.68

Most significant trades (over £50k)

Nicholas Vetch£44,000,0004,000,000
Nicholas Vetch£44,000,0004,000,000
Stephen Koseff6,806,448 ZAR171,880
Stephen Koseff6,806,448 ZAR171,880
Jozsef Varadi£6,380,400120,000
Stephen Koseff5,870,871 ZAR142,670
Stephen Koseff5,870,871 ZAR142,670
Friedrich Joussen€1,950,545395,023
James Gibson£1,165,240100,000
Nicholas Donaldson£777,6778,000

Buys & sells near 52-week high/low

DirectorDec. DateTypeValue
Nicholas Robertson14/04/20SELL£21,000,000
Matthew Moulding24/09/20BUY£15,000,000
Leslie-Ann Reed24/04/20SELL£4,034,067
Leslie-Ann Reed24/04/20BUY£4,034,067
Alan Foy24/04/20SELL£2,519,935
Alan Foy24/04/20BUY£2,519,935
Alan Foy19/03/20BUY£2,183,868
Hendrik du Toit31/03/20BUY£1,826,000
Kim McFarland31/03/20BUY£1,826,000
Andre Lacroix23/03/20SELL£1,583,681

Share price movers

DirectorDeclared% Change
Jonathan Massing01/03/218.70
Gary Wilder01/03/218.70
Derek Harding26/02/215.98
Andrew Heath26/02/215.31
Jakob Sigurdsson01/03/212.52
Richard Howell26/02/210.46
Nicholas Vetch26/02/211.56

Share price moves after a director buys. Transaction worth more than £50k