Company directors know the state of their business better than anyone. Investors like to keep a keen eye out for those that are buying and selling and often follow their lead in and out of those companies. Updated continually throughout the day we collate and monitor the directors buying and selling transactions.

Latest deals

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
07/05/21BUYAGRAssura PLCJonathan MurphyED201 @ £0.74£148.00
07/05/21TINAGRAssura PLCJonathan MurphyED234 @ £0.00£0.00
07/05/21TINAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD234 @ £0.00£0.00
07/05/21BUYAGRAssura PLCJayne CottamFD201 @ £0.74£148.00
07/05/21BUYPHPPrimary Health Properties PLCHarry HymanMD64 @ £1.51£97.00
07/05/21BUYPHPPrimary Health Properties PLCHarry HymanMD64 @ £1.51£97.00
07/05/21TINCNACentrica PLCChristopher O'SheaFD22 @ £0.00£0.00
07/05/21BUYCNACentrica PLCChristopher O'SheaFD262 @ £0.57£150.00
07/05/21BUYMOSMobile Streams PLCNigel BurtonCH22,596,153 @ £0.00£58,750.00
07/05/21LOFMOSMobile Streams PLCNigel BurtonCH36,562,500 @ £0.00£29,250.00

Weekly net transaction (1 year)

Director transactions (1 year)

Contrarian buys

Directors who have bought after the share price has fallen by more than 20% within:

% Chg
% Gain
Hans Hasler200,000-65.8628.43
Hans Hasler200,000-63.0128.00
Scott Fletcher10,000,000-40.00-99.04
Mark Warne5,000-39.0258.06
Mark Warne1,500-39.0260.66
Mark Warne1,500-39.0260.66
Mark Warne1,500-39.0255.56
Mark Warne250-39.0248.48
Mark Warne1,500-39.0253.13
Mark Warne1,500-39.0250.77

Bailout trades

Directors who have sold after the share price has risen by more than 20% within:

% Chg
Nicholas Bridgen15,000,000240.11
Andrey Kuznetsov1,666,667240.11
Trevor Brown800,000204.17
Trevor Brown1,419,189151.79
Martin Diggle200,000134.04
Martin Diggle200,000134.04
Stephen Boydell6,500132.67
Graeme Purdy6,500132.67
Brian Hayden6,500132.67
Martin Diggle200,000124.68

Most significant trades (over £50k)

Serge Crasnianski£2,250,0003,000,000
Richard Papp£784,7229,400
Nicholas Cadbury£685,98121,091
Trevor Brown£583,431972,385
John Rogers£313,25631,642
Gavin Slark£278,20722,328
Philip White£246,000200,000
Trevor Brown£243,913475,000
Euan Sutherland£198,01451,259
Ofer Druker£175,44224,367

Buys & sells near 52-week high/low

DirectorDec. DateTypeValue
Alan Aubrey21/05/20SELL£52,062,500
Charles Wigoder26/06/20SELL£33,750,000
Mark Coombs19/10/20SELL£19,150,000
Mark Coombs19/10/20SELL£19,050,000
Matthew Moulding24/09/20BUY£15,000,000
Peter Cowgill05/06/20SELL£13,334,635
Melvin Lawson26/06/20SELL£9,450,000
James Peters04/06/20SELL£3,570,000
Shaun McCabe03/12/20SELL£2,880,829
Benoit Durteste08/06/20SELL£2,729,249

Share price movers

DirectorDeclared% Change
Serge Crasnianski06/05/211.33
Timothy Roberts05/05/211.47
Fredrik Widlund04/05/21-0.30
Euan Sutherland06/05/21-0.91
Nigel Burton07/05/21-1.92
Mark Epstein07/05/21-1.92

Share price moves after a director buys. Transaction worth more than £50k