Company directors know the state of their business better than anyone. Investors like to keep a keen eye out for those that are buying and selling and often follow their lead in and out of those companies. Updated continually throughout the day we collate and monitor the directors buying and selling transactions.

Latest deals

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
18/06/21TINBARCBarclays PLCJames StaleyCEO164,197 @ £0.00£0.00
18/06/21SELLBARCBarclays PLCJames StaleyCEO83,211 @ £1.79£148,864.00
18/06/21TINBARCBarclays PLCJames StaleyCEO177,046 @ £0.00£0.00
18/06/21SELLBARCBarclays PLCJames StaleyCEO77,172 @ £1.79£138,061.00
18/06/21SELLBARCBarclays PLCTushar MorzariaED59,949 @ £1.79£107,249.00
18/06/21SELLBARCBarclays PLCTushar MorzariaED58,671 @ £1.79£104,962.00
18/06/21TINBARCBarclays PLCTushar MorzariaED112,829 @ £0.00£0.00
18/06/21TINBARCBarclays PLCTushar MorzariaED115,287 @ £0.00£0.00
18/06/21PLACKIEKier Group PLCClive WatsonNED41,176 @ £0.85£35,000.00
18/06/21TINCCHCoca-Cola Hbc AGZoran BogdanovicCEO61 @ £0.00£0.00

Weekly net transaction (1 year)

Director transactions (1 year)

Contrarian buys

Directors who have bought after the share price has fallen by more than 20% within:

% Chg
% Gain
Brian McBride18,684-47.217.55
Jody Ford36,067-47.213.80
Graham Cooley45-46.4711.08
Simon Bourne45-46.4711.08
Andrew Allen45-46.4711.08
Rachel Smith45-46.4711.08
Duncan Tatton-Brown35,410-45.510.36
James Leahy1,000,000-41.18-30.84
Scott Fletcher10,000,000-40.00-99.14
Gabriele Cerrone10,000-39.7418.31

Bailout trades

Directors who have sold after the share price has risen by more than 20% within:

% Chg
Nicholas Bridgen15,000,000240.11
Andrey Kuznetsov1,666,667240.11
Trevor Brown800,000204.17
Trevor Brown1,419,189151.79
Charles Soukup325,000115.38
Rupert Garton502,217103.39
Michael Hindmarch300,731103.39
William Hindmarch858,672103.39
William Hindmarch849,398103.39
Yaniv Carmi46,22284.42

Most significant trades (over £50k)

Andrew Jones£704,616300,476
Lindsley Ruth£445,32642,738
Martin McGann£381,487162,681
David Egan£260,72725,022
George Materna£253,000100,000
Lindsley Ruth£153,35014,717
James Staley£148,86483,211
James Staley£138,06177,172
David Egan£111,83710,733
Tushar Morzaria£107,24959,949

Buys & sells near 52-week high/low

DirectorDec. DateTypeValue
William Adderley16/02/21SELL£177,408,000
Mark Coombs19/10/20SELL£19,150,000
Mark Coombs19/10/20SELL£19,050,000
Matthew Moulding24/09/20BUY£15,000,000
Simon Philips23/09/20SELL£3,325,000
Shaun McCabe03/12/20SELL£2,880,829
Andy Bird25/09/20BUY£2,476,769
Christopher Mills14/10/20BUY£2,260,050
Christopher Mills19/11/20SELL£2,250,000
Neil Record22/09/20SELL£1,492,000

Share price movers

DirectorDeclared% Change
George Materna17/06/213.56
Robin Freestone16/06/210.18
Martin Davis16/06/219.56
Oliver Cooke15/06/21-32.29

Share price moves after a director buys. Transaction worth more than £50k