Company directors know the state of their business better than anyone. Investors like to keep a keen eye out for those that are buying and selling and often follow their lead in and out of those companies. Updated continually throughout the day we collate and monitor the directors buying and selling transactions.

Latest deals

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
22/01/21SELLFABFusion Antibodies PLCRichard BuickED8875 @ £1.24£11,023.00
22/01/21BUYIGGIg Group Holdings PLCJune Yee FelixNED6300 @ £7.90£49,745.00
22/01/21TINIHPIntegrafin Holdings PLCJonathan GunbyED54 @ £0.00£0.00
22/01/21BUYIHPIntegrafin Holdings PLCJonathan GunbyED27 @ £5.58£151.00
22/01/21TINIHPIntegrafin Holdings PLCJonathan GunbyED638 @ £0.00£0.00
22/01/21TINIHPIntegrafin Holdings PLCIan TaylorCEO54 @ £0.00£0.00
22/01/21BUYIHPIntegrafin Holdings PLCIan TaylorCEO27 @ £5.58£151.00
22/01/21TINIHPIntegrafin Holdings PLCIan TaylorCEO638 @ £0.00£0.00
22/01/21TINIHPIntegrafin Holdings PLCAlexander ScottFD54 @ £0.00£0.00
22/01/21BUYIHPIntegrafin Holdings PLCAlexander ScottFD27 @ £5.58£151.00
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Contrarian buys

Directors who have bought after the share price has fallen by more than 20% within:

% Chg
% Gain
Anthony Durrant1,081-67.6952.92
Richard Rose1,297-67.6952.92
Ian Davis2,732-60.4124.48
Hsien Yang Lee1,356-60.4124.48
Robert Sharpe30,000-49.2440.31
Daniel Frumkin1,500,000-49.2439.27
Alexander Vaughan13,585-42.6231.87
Daniel Frumkin350,000-39.7938.31
Tushar Morzaria26,027-34.1523.79
Martin Andersson8,000,000-32.798.66

Bailout trades

Directors who have sold after the share price has risen by more than 20% within:

% Chg
Nicholas Beighton2,78234.31
Peter Cowgill2,587,32621.39
Francois Pauly25,00021.19
Nicholas Robertson50,00020.42

Most significant trades (over £50k)

Colin Bird£3,420,07726,308,285
David Cicurel£3,150,00050,000
Stuart Chapman£2,007,000300,000
Neill Ricketts£889,6641,650,000
Leon Coetzer£571,1864,393,736
Graham Stapleton£549,252185,872
Andrew Lewis£391,006124,922
Francis Salway£363,8604,520
Yaniv Carmi£306,58561,317
Peter Herweck£271,1427,111

Buys & sells near 52-week high/low

DirectorDec. DateTypeValue
Nicholas Robertson14/04/20SELL£21,000,000
Matthew Moulding24/09/20BUY£15,000,000
Leslie-Ann Reed24/04/20SELL£4,034,067
Leslie-Ann Reed24/04/20BUY£4,034,067
Alan Foy24/04/20SELL£2,519,935
Alan Foy24/04/20BUY£2,519,935
Christopher Mills19/11/20SELL£2,250,000
Alan Foy19/03/20BUY£2,183,868
Mark Dixon19/03/20BUY£1,843,200
Hendrik du Toit31/03/20BUY£1,826,000

Share price movers

DirectorDeclared% Change
Hans Hasler21/01/21-97.76
Timothy Watts19/01/21-97.83
Richard Upton21/01/21-99.10
Stefan Barden20/01/21-99.34

Share price moves after a director buys. Transaction worth more than £50k