The DIY Investor Book Cover

The DIY Investor by Andy Bell

How to get started in investing and plan for a financially secure future

FULLY REVISED AND UPDATED SECOND EDITION Investing expert Andy Bell shows you how to plan your financial future in this updated edition of his bestselling guide to do-it-yourself investing. Andy shows you how to build a long-term investment portfolio using a range of low-cost, tax-efficient strategies. He provides expert guidance and industry insights suitable for first-time investors and those who are more experienced. The DIY Investor teaches you the skills and strategies you need to take control of your investments and manage your money in the years ahead.

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"This book really matters. Andy Bell explains how to become a DIY investor step by step and shows how investing can be simple to manage."

Sir Terry Leahy, Former CEO of Tesco

"Taking responsibility for your personal finance matters is more important than ever. This fine book will provide you with the knowledge to enter the personal finance maze with confidence and come out of it a richer person."

Jeff­ Prestridge, Personal Finance Editor, Mail on Sunday

"Provides readers with valuable lessons in constructing a portfolio, investing in a tax-efficient manner, focusing on low-cost investments and executing deals, all without having to pay for professional help."

Holly Cook, Morningstar

"Bell has produced an incredibly useful volume from which anyone from beginner to experienced investor can learn."

Mindful Money

"Andy Bell is a DIY investment pioneer ... If you are thinking of starting out on the road to DIY investing, or are already part-way along the road, I can heartily recommend this book."

John Edwards, author of DIY Simple Investing

"Bell's book is admirably clear ... providing clear explanations and detail on the route you must take to ensure you do not fall into too many traps."

Stephen Spurdon, Money Market

"A great new edition of this valuable guide for private investors."

Neil Woodford CBE

"Andy Bell provides expert guidance and industry insight for nervous newcomers and those hungry for help."

Informed Choice Radio

"The DIY Investor is an excellent book for anyone looking to take to control of their financial future. For beginners, it provides a thorough and insightful view into the sometimes confusing worlds of personal finance and invest-ment, offering a multitude of practical tips on how to make the best of their savings. It is also useful as a reference and planning guide for those more familiar with the markets. Since this is the second edition of the book, more experienced investors might find the updates regarding recent developments in the markets especially useful, particularly the section on the new types of ISA products and the benefits they bring. All in all buying this book should be a no brainer for those who want to nail down plans to go on a self investment journey."

Richard Gill, Master Investor magazine