Shares Investor Evening (London)


Sound Energy (SOU)

Sound Energy plc is a growth focused and private investor centric Moroccan gas explorerlisted on AIM and benefit from: a low cost, multi Tcf potential onshore gas discovery; a strategic partnership with Schlumberger - one of the largest companies in our sector; two supportive cornerstone investors; a potentially transformational drill programme, and a strong retail shareholder base
We are pursuing an onshore gas strategy underpinned by strong gas market fundamentals, which is proving very robust to the current oil price environment and to an increasingly carbon-conscious world. Gas is, rightly, seen as a cleaner alternative to coal and oil.
We are focused on unlocking the Moroccan gas promise, which includes:
  • Proving further volumes with three bold exploration wells in Eastern Morocco (starting early 2018), each with multi Tcf potential


  • De-risking of it’s 31 Tcf exploration potential in Eastern Morocco and up to 9 Tcf in Sidi Moktar through shooting new seismic and aerial gradiometry


  • Development of it’s existing 0.6 Tcf gas discovery (with first gas targetted for end 2019 / early 2020)

Sphere Medical (SPHR)

Sphere Medical is a dynamic and growing company specialising in the development of innovative medical monitoring and diagnostic equipment. Their products are used in a wide range of medical applications, enabling faster clinical decision-making and improved patient outcomes, whilst providing efficiencies that result in reduced healthcare costs.

ValiRx (VAL)

ValiRx Plc (VAL) is a life science company, which focuses on clinical stage cancer therapeutic development, taking proprietary & novel technology for precision medicines towards commercialisation and partnering.