Are you open-minded when it comes to investing? The new issue of Shares looks at six of the market’s most loved and hated stocks to examine their negative and positive points, respectively. Discover why Vodafone, Fevertree, Ocado and others are worth analysing from a different perspective.
You can also find out what Amazon’s $13.7bn acquisition of Whole Foods Market means for UK grocers. There is an article discussing how miners in South Africa could see a hit to earnings due to new country rules. And you can learn why analysts are relaxed about Barclays from an investment perspective despite the bank getting into trouble with the Serious Fraud Office.
The new issue of Shares contains details on a forthcoming renewables fund that hopes to pay a 6% dividend yield. We get under the bonnet with Smith & Nephew. There is a discussion about what happens to your pension if you move abroad once Brexit happens. And the digital magazine also talks about managing investments if you find yourself unemployed or ill for a long time.