Source - SMW
Metal Tiger has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Al-Sharif Group (ASG) based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to explore mining and related financing opportunities globally, in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and also Saudi Arabia.


- MTR and ASG to explore project level joint venture and/or co-investment opportunities with MTR both regionally and internationally; 

- ASG and MTR to consider access to capital from the GCC region for mining related opportunities; 

- MTR to support ASG in developing its base of contacts and access to relevant quality expertise in the mining sector; 

- ASG to introduce attractive mining opportunities in Saudi Arabia, the GCC region and possibly globally through its local and extended network of contacts; 

- ASG to work with MTR to enhance awareness in the GCC region and in particular Saudi Arabia of investment opportunities in mining; and 

- MTR and ASG to discuss the viability of a UK listed investing/operating company focussed on mining opportunities globally but with a focus on Saudi opportunities.