Source - SMW
KazMunaiGas Exploration Production produced 11,867 thousand tonnes of crude oil (240 kbopd) in 2017, a 2% decrease on 2016. The figure includes its stakes in Kazgermunai (KGM), Karazhanbasmunai (CCEL) and PetroKazakhstan Inc. (PKI).

Ozenmunaigas JSC (OMG) produced 5,480 thousand tonnes (111 kbopd), a 1% decrease as compared to 2016 mainly due to lower level of production from the existing well stock. 

Embamunaigas JSC (EMG) produced 2,840 thousand tonnes (57 kbopd), a 0.3% increase as compared to 2016. 

The total volume of oil OMG and EMG produced was 8,320 thousand tonnes (168kbopd), a 1% decrease compared to production for 2016.   

The company's share in production from KGM, CCEL, and PKI for 2017 amounted to 3,547 thousand tonnes of crude oil (72 kbopd), 6% less than in 2016. 

This was mainly driven by a natural decline in oil production at PKI and KGM.

The company's combined sales from OMG and EMG were 8,233 thousand tonnes (163 kbopd). 

Of these crude oil sales, 5,700 thousand tonnes (113kbopd) were exported and 2,533 thousand tonnes (50kbopd) were sold to the domestic market, equivalent to 31% of the total sales volume. 

In 2016, the company sold 41% of crude oil in the domestic market.