Growth & Innovation Forum 2018


  • Cambridge Cognition (COG)

    Cambridge Cognition is a neuroscience digital health company developing products to better understand, detect and treat brain health conditions. The company’s cognitive technologies accelerate research and development of new treatments, enhance understanding of the brain and accurately measure cognitive health in patients worldwide.
  • Chargemaster

    Chargemaster is the UK’s leading provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and operates POLAR, the largest electric vehicle charging network in the UK, with more than 6,500 public charge points. Chargemaster provides a comprehensive, flexible and practical range of electric vehicle charging solutions, developed to accommodate new technological advances and the growing demands of the electric vehicle industry. Chargemaster works in partnership with the energy sector, vehicle manufacturers, government and the business community. It is the largest supplier of public, workplace and home charging units in the UK and has supplied over 60,000 charging points across Europe.

  • CloudCall Group

    CloudCall provide Unified Communications solutions that tightly integrate with CRM systems, allowing businesses to log all their communications including Voice, Text and Instant Messaging. By linking the customer data held in the CRM with communication software, businesses can use the critical insight and intelligence provided to make decisions faster and undertake more targeted and accurate interactions to increase productivity and drive business performance.

  • CML Microsystems

    CML designs and develops semiconductors for the industrial storage and communications markets.

    The Group utilises a combination of in-house and outsourced manufacturing and has trading operations in Europe, the Far East and the USA. CML targets niche markets with strong growth profiles and high barriers to entry. It has secured a diverse, blue chip customer base, including some of the world's leading telecoms equipment providers and industrial product manufacturers.

    The spread of its customers and products largely protects the business from the cyclicality usually associated with the semiconductor industry. Growth in its end-markets is being driven by factors such as the ever-increasing trend towards solid state storage devices in the commercial and industrial sectors, the upgrading of telecoms infrastructure around the world and the growing prevalence of private commercial communications networks for voice and/or data communications linked to the industrial internet of things (IIoT). 


  • Corero Network Security

    Corero Network Security is the leader in real-time, high-performance DDoS defense solutions. Service providers and digital enterprises rely on Corero’s award winning technology to eliminate the DDoS threat to their environment through automatic attack detection and mitigation, coupled with complete network visibility, analytics and reporting. This industry leading technology provides cost effective, scalable protection capabilities against DDoS attacks in the most complex environments while enabling a more cost effective economic model than previously available. For more information, visit

  • CyanConnode

    CyanConnode is a world leader in the design and development of Narrowband RF mesh networks that enable Internet of Things (IoT) communications. With a wealth of expertise and experience in smart technology, the Group provides customers with long-range, low-power, end-to-end networking solutions and high-performance applications that help them enhance service delivery, improve business efficiency and save energy.


  • Duke Royalty (DUKE)

    AIM-listed Duke Royalty is a provider of alternative capital solutions to a diversified range of profitable and long-established businesses in Europe and abroad. The company, which is bringing royalty finance to UK and European businesses outside of the mining sector for the first time, has a market capitalisation of more than £120m and has one of the junior market’s highest yielding dividends. 

  • EU-Supply

    EU Supply is a Sweden-based e-commerce business that has an established, market-leading, multilingual e-procurement platform for e-sourcing, e-tendering and contract management, tailored for the highly regulated European public sector market. With over US$30 million invested in developing the Group’s Complete Tender Management (“CTM™”) platform, it is one of the easiest to use and most functionally advanced solutions available. The platform is provided under a SaaS contract model, and is developed and maintained as a single product. The platform has been designed to be configurable online and can be quickly and cheaply configured to a customer’s needs without additional programming. 

  • FairFX Group (FFX)

    FairFX is a leading challenger brand in banking and payments that provides banking and payment services to both personal and business customers through Current Accounts, Currency Cards, Travel Cash, International Money Transfers, and a Corporate Card and Expense Platform. FairFX has been helping customers get more since 2007 and continue to serve over 1 million customers.

  • Getech

    Getech provides the expertise, support and knowledge that companies and governments need to better discover, develop and manage natural resources. Our data-rich products, GIS solutions and government advisory services help our customers to achieve their business goals of cost control, operational excellence, regulatory compliance and environmental responsibility.

  • Jaywing

    Jaywing is a data science-led agency and consulting business, with a marketing technology division and growing international footprint. The agency has two core propositions, performance marketing and brand-led marketing. Jaywing’s data science consultancy helps clients do smart things with their data in marketing, credit risk, and business intelligence. Jaywing Intelligence offers AI and big data led products. Jaywing employs over 450 people, 15% of which are experienced data scientists, and has offices in Sheffield, Leeds, London, Newbury and Sydney.

  • MedaPhor (MED)

    MedaPhor, the intelligent ultrasound software and simulation company, develops advanced hi-fidelity ultrasound training simulators, artificial intelligence (AI) image analysis software and augmented reality (AR) needle guidance systems for medical practitioners.

    The Ultrasound Simulation and Training division focuses on hi-fidelity ultrasound education and training through simulation.  Products include the ScanTrainerTM OBGYN simulator training platform and the HeartWorksTM echocardiography simulator.  Over 500 MedaPhor simulators have been sold to over 300 medical institutions around the world.

    The new Ultrasound Clinical Support division focuses on developing AI algorithms to make ultrasound machines smarter and more accessible. Products in development include ScanNavTM, which uses deep-learning algorithms to automatically provide guidance, assessment and audit of obstetric scanning; and NeedleGuideTM, which aims to simplify ultrasound-guided needling with AR needle guidance and automated needle tip tracking.


  • Medherant

    Medherant Ltd is a leading developer of next-generation transdermal drug delivery patches. 

    TEPI Patch® technology offers high payload and tailored delivery rates for a wide range of drugs; patches are thin and comfortable, with excellent adhesion and no pain or residues on removal.

    Medherant’s first products (ibuprofen, lidocaine) will enter clinical trials in 2018 and other products are in development.

    Medherant also offers rapid feasibility studies for companies wishing to evaluate the potential of the technology with their drugs.

    Medherant is backed by Mercia Technologies PLC and private investors and has just closed a £4m investment.

  • Mercia Asset Management (MERC)

    Mercia is a proactive, specialist asset manager focused on supporting regional SMEs to achieve their growth aspirations. Mercia provides capital across its four asset classes of balance sheet, venture, private equity and debt capital; the Group's 'Complete Capital Solution'. The Group initially nurtures businesses via its third-party funds under management, then over time Mercia can provide further funding to the most promising companies, by deploying direct investment follow-on capital from its own balance sheet.



  • nDreams

    nDreams is one of the leading virtual reality developers and publishers in the world. nDreams was formed in 2006 by former Codemasters and Eidos Creative Director, Patrick O'Luanaigh (Tomb Raider: Legend, Hitman: Blood Money, Conflict: Desert Storm) with a focus on virtual worlds. Since 2013, the company has dedicated its talents to developing and publishing remarkable virtual reality games and experiences. The studio has already worked on multiple successful VR titles – including Shooty Fruity, SkyDIEving, Gunner, Danger Goat, Perfect, Bloody Zombies and the award winning The Assembly. The fast-growing studio have already sold 300,000 VR games, and have several unannounced VR and AR projects in development.
  • Plastics Capital

    Plastics Capital is a niche manufacturer of specialist plastic products.  Applications for these products vary widely and examples include:
    - Packaging for the food manufacturing and distribution – films, sacks and pouches
    - Steering columns and instrument control knobs in the automotive industry –  plastic ball bearings
    - Hydraulic and industrial rubber hose manufacture – various types of plastic mandrel
    - Cardboard box manufacture – plastic creasing matrices
    Plastics Capital’s business model is based on understanding customers’ problems in depth, and then developing and mass producing proprietary, technical solutions for these problems.
    The business operates through two divisions, Films and Industrial, and has the majority of its production in six UK based factories, with a further three factories in Asia.  Approximately 45% of its £66 million sales are made outside the UK to more than 80 countries.
  • PrimaryBid

    PrimaryBid is a leading FinTech business enabling investors to gain access to fundraisings from companies listed on UK Stock Exchanges.  Our unique solution connects the large and active pool of private investors, with companies seeking to raise capital by issuing new shares.  More than £55m has been sourced via the platform and some recent offers have closed within hours.  It’s free to join, with no obligation to participate in any offer, just visit & create your account.

  • QuantuMDx

    QuantuMDx has innovated the entire molecular diagnostic process enabling delivery of rapid diagnostic solutions that help address global health burdens, particularly antimicrobial resistance.

    The company’s flagship device is Q-POC™, a simple-to-use, affordable, portable diagnostic laboratory. With its lab standard testing and highly multiplexed capabilities, Q-POC™ aims to bring the power of precision medicine to health professionals globally, enabling immediate detection of antimicrobial resistance and subsequent ‘right first-time prescribing’.

    The company has developed further molecular diagnostic platforms that can be used as standalone devices or integrated into MDx workflows. Products include a pathogen enricher (Capture-XT™) and rapid sample preparation (DNA-XT™).

  • redT energy

    redT energy plc is an energy solutions company specialising in durable energy storage machines which create revenue alongside reliable, low-cost renewable generation for businesses, industry and electricity distribution networks. Using proprietary vanadium redox flow technology to store energy in liquid, redT’s machines can be run continually with no degradation: charging and discharging for over 25 years, matching renewable asset lifespans in on-grid, off-grid and weak-grid settings. The company has customers in the UK, Europe, sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and Asia Pacific. redT energy is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has offices in the UK, Africa and the USA. 

  • Smart Metering Systems

    Established in 1995, Smart Metering Systems Plc, headquartered in Glasgow, connects, owns and operates gas and electricity meters on behalf of major energy companies. The Company's full end to end energy management services and consultancy business support large blue chip companies in the UK, through a network of offices in Cardiff, Cambridge, Bolton, Doncaster, Rugby, and Normanton.

    The Company's services also include infrastructure design, installation, consultancy and project management services for new gas, electricity, water and telecoms connections for licenced energy and telecoms suppliers, end consumers and the UK's licenced electricity Distribution Network Owners (DNO's).

    The Company was admitted to the AIM market in July 2011 and is now part of the FTSE AIM 50 index.

  • Totally

    Totally plc is an AIM listed 'out-of-hospital' healthcare service provider, helping to address some of the biggest challenges faced by the UK healthcare sector.
    The Company delivers preventative and responsive care through its subsidiaries across multiple disciplines, aiming to improve people's health, reduce healthcare reliance, re-admissions and emergency admissions.
    Totally is currently engaged in delivering a progressive 'buy and build' consolidation strategy within the UK's fragmented healthcare market and raised £18 million in February 2017. In October 2017, Totally completed its acquisition of Vocare Limited, a leading UK urgent care specialist for up to £11.0 million.
    For further information:  
  • Yü Group

    Yü Group PLC is the parent company of business gas and electricity supplier, Yü Energy.

    Yü Energy is one of the UK’s fastest growing business energy suppliers, supplying thousands of SME and larger corporate businesses across the UK. It has no involvement in the domestic retail market. Founded by Bobby Kalar, Yu Group is a disruptive brand and is fast gaining a reputation as a supplier of excellence.

    The Group has recently announced that it will shortly be entering the business water supply market with the launch of Yü Water.


  • ZOO Digital Group

    ZOO Digital provides services for subtitling and dubbing TV and movie content into any language and preparing it for sale with all major online platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, Google and Hulu. This allows clients including the ‘big six’ Hollywood studios, the BBC and independent distributors to reach audiences worldwide.

    ZOO's use of innovative cloud technology ensures that content is delivered with reduced time to market, higher quality and lower costs.  It enables clients to respond to market trends, scale easily with business growth and capitalise on new routes to market in the fast-moving digital industry.

    ZOO operates from the entertainment hubs of Los Angeles and London with a development and production centre in Sheffield.

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