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  • Anexo Group (ANX)

    Anexo is a specialist integrated credit hire and legal services group focused on providing replacement vehicles and associated legal services to impecunious customers who have been involved in a non-fault accident. These individuals typically do not have the financial means or access to a replacement vehicle which allows the Group to charge credit hire rather than spot hire or GTA rates, recovering these charges from the at-fault insurer at no upfront cost to the individual.

  • Animalcare Group (ANCR)

    Animalcare Group develops, supplies and markets a range of products and services to the veterinary profession through our own operations in seven European countries and through established partners in 32 countries globally.

    Animalcare has five strategic priorities including a strong financial base, a focussed portfolio of products for growth, great customer relationships, building a pipeline of innovative products for the future and developing the organisation for success.  


  • Circle Property (CRC)

    Circle Property is a specialist property investment company, registered in Jersey with its shares being quoted on AIM. The company acquires provincial office properties where it can add value by undertaking lease renewals, rent reviews, lettings and refurbishments.

  • Creo Medical Group (CREO)

    Creo Medical is a medical device company focused on the emerging field of surgical endoscopy, a recent development in minimally invasive surgery. The company’s mission is to improve patient outcomes by applying microwave and radiowave energy to surgical endoscopy.

    Creo Medical was founded in 2003 as MicroOncology Ltd by Professor Chris Hancock, initially to target the treatment of cancers through use of high frequency microwave energy and dynamic matching techniques.

    Creo Medical listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange on 9 December 2016, under the name “Creo Medical Group plc”.

  • Diaceutics (DXRX)

    Diaceutics is a data analytics and implementation service provider in diagnostic commercialization.
    The company has been leading this field for 14 years, entirely focused on the intersection between diagnostics and therapeutic decision making. They provide an end to end service that encompasses everything from understanding the diagnostic landscape to test implementation into treatment pathways.

    Diaceutics’ ultimate goal is to drive better testing to enable better treatment decisions for patients.

  • Duke Royalty (DUKE)

    AIM-listed Duke Royalty is a provider of alternative capital solutions to a diversified range of profitable and long-established businesses in Europe and abroad. The company, which is bringing royalty finance to UK and European businesses outside of the mining sector for the first time, has a market capitalisation of more than £120m and has one of the junior market’s highest yielding dividends. 

  • Eden Research (EDEN)

    Eden is an AIM listed company that develops and supplies breakthrough biopesticide products and natural microencapsulation technologies to the global crop protection, animal health and consumer products industries.

    • Our vision is to be the leader in sustainable bioactive products enabled or enhanced by our novel encapsulation and delivery technologies.
    • Eden is the only UK listed company focused on biopesticides for sustainable agriculture.
    • Proven products, multiple regulatory clearances, strategic partnerships, with two products now commercially available.
    • Eden’s focus is on protecting high-value crops, improving crop yields and marketability.
    • Our products are based upon natural chemistries but deliver performance, ease of use, and cost on par with conventional alternatives.
    • Eden has commercialised its first product, Mevalone, a bio-fungicide, in 10 countries in Southern Europe and Kenya including the top 3 wine producing countries worldwide.
    • Eden has partnered with Eastman Chemical for the commercialisation of its second product, Cedroz, a nematicide, in 29 countries.
  • Entertainment AI (EAI)

    Entertainment AI is a fast-growing global technology and media business operating the leading automotive multi-platform video network. Its network of creators generated 12 billion video views and $18.5m advertising income in 2019.  EAI’s technology increases monetization of videos and is utilized by both its network and commercial customers, such as JSports, who used it for the Rugby World Cup. EAI’s investors include strategic partners, Sumitomo and Water Intelligence, as well as leading UK funds such as Gresham House and Canaccord.

  • Equals Group (EQLS)

    Equals Group is a leading challenger in the financial services sector and is dedicated to making managing money as intuitive and simple as possible.

    Operating under an e-money licence, its services include international payments, corporate expenses, current accounts, credit facilities, currency cards and travel cash for both retail and business customers.

    Equals has been trusted by its 1 million+ customers for over 12 years, and has a 5-star Trustpilot rating. It’s well placed for future growth thanks to new products, recent acquisitions and an imminent expansion into the US.

  • Escape Hunt (ESC)

    Escape Hunt is a global provider of immersive entertainment experiences. Since opening in 2013, Escape Hunt has expanded rapidly, opening nearly 50 locations across 27 countries around the world. Escape Hunting involves teammates losing themselves in incredible new worlds, taking on pulse-racing missions and challenges created by the Escape Hunt Studios team. Groups have to work together to follow a series of fiendishly clever clues and complete their mission before their time is up.

  • Hardide (HDD)


    Hardide is the leading global innovator and provider of advanced tungsten carbide coatings that significantly increase the working life of critical metal components operating in abrasive, erosive, corrosive and chemically aggressive environments. Our coatings are value-adding to components and lower operational costs by reducing downtime, increasing productivity and improving performance. They can be applied to external and internal surfaces including complex geometries, enabling a level of engineering design flexibility not possible with alternative technologies.


    Ilika is a pioneer in solid-state battery technology and has developed ground-breaking miniature batteries for powering your wireless sensors in applications ranging from hostile industrial environments to medical implants and is working on larger scale batteries for automotive and consumer electronic devices.

    Solid state batteries have the benefits over convention lithium ion batteries of:

    • High energy and power density
    • Fast charge rates
    • Long cycle and storage life
    • Safe and non-flammable
  • Ingenta (ING)

    Ingenta was formed in 1998 and floated on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in April 2000. After a number of smaller acquisitions, the Group expanded through a merger with Vista.

    Jointly operating from Europe (Oxford) and North America (Boston and New Jersey), we have local teams in Brazil, India, China and Australia. With industry experience going back nearly 40 years and more than 150 employees, Ingenta serves over 400 trade and scholarly publishers.

    Already a well-established and trusted brand within the scholarly publishing arena, the Ingenta name has now been used to bring the company’s products and services together under one brand umbrella. This allows content owners to understand the complementary offerings and gives the business a clear identity.

  • Inspiration Healthcare Group (IHC)

    Inspiration Healthcare (AIM: IHC) is a global provider of medical technology for use in critical care & operating theatres. The Company provides high quality innovative products to patients around the world which help to improve patient outcomes and it actively invests in innovative product opportunities and disruptive technologies.

    Through investment in research and development the Company has 6 key own brand products that can be used within the first 6 hours of life to help premature and sick babies; helping with assessment, resuscitation, stabilisation as well as preventing brain damage. Additionally, the Company has its own range of products for maintaining normothermia pre- during and post-surgery.


  • Intelligent Ultrasound Group (MED)

    Intelligent Ultrasound (MED) develops artificial intelligence-based clinical image analysis software tools for the diagnostic medical ultrasound market and hi-fidelity simulators for the ultrasound training market.

    Based in the UK and US, the Group has raised over £25m to build an impressive portfolio of marketing leading products.

    The Simulation Division focusses on hi-fidelity ultrasound training and has sold over 800 simulators to almost 500 medical institutions around the world.

  • Itaconix (ITX)

    taconix designs and manufactures high performance, cost effective and sustainable ingredients that are key components of products in the personal care, homecare and industrial sectors.

    We are the world leader in developing and producing bio-based polymers from itaconic acid, combining the versatile chemistry of itaconic acid with breakthrough manufacturing economics.


    As a trusted partner to the global biopharma industry, our technology enabled specialty services are used to, select patients for clinical trials, assess the safety and efficacy of new drugs in development and in post marketing surveillance.

    Our strong scientific heritage and deep understanding of neurological diseases enable us to collaborate with clinical, academic and pharmaceutical partners to develop and deploy new digital technologies targeted at improving the assessment of patient outcomes.

  • LiDCO (LID)

    LiDCO is a supplier of hemodynamic monitoring equipment to hospitals. Its products are used principally in the treatment of high-risk patients in both critical care units and in the operating theatre. They monitor the amount of blood flowing around the body helping clinicians to ensure that vital organs are kept adequately perfused with oxygenated blood by the adjustment of supportive fluid and drugs.

    As LiDCO continues to win large contracts, it is transitioning the business towards multi-year software license contracts, providing good visibility of revenues alongside strong cash generation. 

  • Manolete Partners (MANO)

    Manolete Partners Plc is the leading insolvency litigation financing company in the UK and was founded in 2009 by its CEO, Steven Cooklin. Manolete was listed on AIM in December 2018.

    As at 30 September 2019, Manolete had invested in 344 UK insolvency litigation cases and completed 211 of them. Manolete is different from other litigation funders because cases are completed very quickly – the average case duration is less than 12 months. This is because Manolete owns, and is therefore in full control, of its cases. It is not a mere passive “funder” of cases. 96% of cases are settled long before trial - minimising costs and optimising returns.

    Manolete won ‘Growth Company of the Year’ at the 2019 Shares Awards, which covers all listed UK companies. The Company is three-time winner of ‘Insolvency Litigation Funder of the Year’ at the Turnaround, Restructuring and Insolvency Industry Awards. Manolete was ranked 55 in the Financial Times’ list of ‘Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies’ in 2019.

  • Marlowe (MRL)

    Marlowe is a UK leader in specialist services which assure the safety and regulatory compliance of commercial properties, whilst managing risk for businesses across the country.

    The company was formed to create sustainable shareholder value through the acquisition and development of businesses that provide regulated inspection, testing and compliance services. Our group has a core focus on health & safety, fire safety, security, water safety, water treatment, air quality and environmental services – all of which are vital to the wellbeing of our customers operations and are invariably governed by regulation.


  • Mirada (MIRA)

    Mirada is a leading provider of products and services for Digital TV Operators and Broadcasters. Founded in 2000 and led by CEO José Luis Vázquez, the company prides itself on having spent almost 20 years as a pioneer in the Digital TV market. Mirada's core focus is on the ever-growing demand for TV Everywhere for which it offers a complete suite of end-to-end modular products across multiple devices, all with innovative state-of-the-art UI designs.

  • MJ Hudson (MJH)

    MJ Hudson is a financial services support company.

    As an asset management consultancy, it helps fund managers and investors operate more efficiently and invest more successfully.

    It provides both advice and managed services to over 750 clients across the UK, the US and Europe.

    It has also grown a data & analytics business, providing paid research, content and tools to fund managers.

  • Open Orphan (ORPH)

    is a world leader in the testing of vaccines and antivirals through the use of human challenge clinical trials. Open Orphan comprises of two commercial specialist CRO services businesses; hVIVO and Venn Life Sciences and is actively involved in the fight against COVID-19.

  • OPG Power Ventures (OPG)

    OPG Power Ventures is a developer and operator of power generation plants in India.

  • Sativa Group (SATI)

    Sativa Group joined the NEX Exchange on 29th March 2018 as the first UK listed medicinal cannabis investment vehicle. Since then, the Company has changed its business strategy to capitalise on changes in the UK and European laws and regulations surrounding the cannabis industry.

    The Company invested in two Canadian companies; Rapid Dose Therapeutics, and Veritas Pharma Inc. These companies have enhanced Sativa’s market position by aiding valuable market research, particularly in the area of seed selection and dosing efficacy.

  • Seeing Machines (SEE)

    Seeing Machines is the leader in vision-based driver monitoring technology that enables machines to see, understand and assist people. Seeing Machines’ technology powers products that need to deliver reliable real-time understanding of vehicle operators. The technology spans the critical measurement of where a driver is looking, through to classification of their cognitive state as it applies to accident risk. Reliable “driver state” measurement is the end-goal of Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) technology. Seeing Machines develops DMS technology to drive safety for Automotive, Commercial Fleet, Off-road and Aviation.

  • ShareSoc

    ShareSoc is a not-for-profit membership organisation, created by and for individual investors. Our aims are to help improve your investment experience and to represent your interests wherever this is needed. We do this by providing information and education, by promoting your rights to companies and by seeking to influence government and regulatory policy.


  • Shearwater Group (SWG)

    Shearwater Group is an award-winning organisational resilience group that provides cyber security and managed security services to help assure and secure businesses in a connected global economy

  • Shield Therapeutics (STX)

    Shield is a commercial stage, specialty pharmaceutical company delivering innovative pharmaceuticals to address patients' unmet medical needs.  The Group’s lead product, Feraccru®/Accrufer® is approved for the treatment of iron deficiency in adults in the EU, USA and Switzerland.  In Europe it is marketed as Feraccru® by Norgine and in the USA the product will be marketed as Accrufer®.  Shield also has an exclusive licence agreement with Beijing Aosaikang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd for the development and commercialisation of Feraccru®/Accrufer® in China. 

  • TClarke (CTO)

    TClarke designs, installs, integrates and maintains the full range of mechanical and electrical services and the digital infrastructure to create a 21st century building. TClarke has five core markets: Infrastructure, Residential & Accommodation, Facilities Management & Frameworks, Technologies and M&E Contracting and is particularly focused on growing its technology market share.


  • Trackwise Designs (TWD)

    Trackwise has developed a globally innovative method of manufacturing length-unlimited multilayer flexible printed circuits, offered as a space and weight saving alternative to conventional wire harness – Improved Harness Technology™, with potential application wherever wire is used. Trackwise Designs plc listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange on 31 July 2018 (TWD).

  • Velocity Composites (VEL)

    Velocity Composites is a manufacturer of composite material kits for the aerospace industry. Velocity’s clients include multi-national manufacturers of composite parts and assemblies. The Airbus A330, A350, A380, Eurofighter Typhoon, F35 Joint Strike Fighter and Bell Boeing V22 Osprey are all constructed using parts manufactured from Velocity’s engineered kits. Our business model reduces the operating costs of preparing composite materials ahead of their usage in the construction of an aircraft part. Velocity Composites also exports to Europe and North America.

  • Water Intelligence (WATR)

    Water Intelligence is a fast-growing multinational company that applies technology-driven proprietary solutions to pin-point and repair water leaks in minimally-invasive fashion. The Company’s customers span over 200,000 residences, business to business channels such as national insurance companies and property management and municipal utilities such as Thames Water and Sydney Water.  Water Intelligence operates across the US and in the UK, Australia, Canada with total sales to customers from both franchise and corporate locations] of over $100 million.  Its institutional investors include leading UK funds such as Canaccord, Herald and Amati and US funds such as Iridian; investors include several high net worth individuals and family offices interested in sustainability investments.  The Company plans to introduce new products during 2020. 

  • Xpediator (XPD)

    Xpediator is the holding company for the Group, a well-established international provider of freight management services operating across the UK and Europe with a particular focus on, and expertise in, the CEE markets.

    The Group currently employs over 600 people with its operational headquarters in Braintree, England, and country offices in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania and Serbia operating from 22 sites in total.

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