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  • Amryt Pharma (AMYT)

    Amryt Pharma is a specialty biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and delivering innovative new treatments to help improve the lives of patients with rare or orphan diseases. The Company is building a diversified portfolio of commercially attractive, best-in-class, proprietary new drugs to help address some of these rare and debilitating illnesses for which there are currently no available treatments.


  • Circle Property (CRC)

    Circle Property is a specialist property investment company, registered in Jersey with its shares being quoted on AIM. The company acquires provincial office properties where it can add value by undertaking lease renewals, rent reviews, lettings and refurbishments.

  • Creo Medical Group (CREO)

    Creo Medical is a medical device company focused on the emerging field of surgical endoscopy, a recent development in minimally invasive surgery. The company’s mission is to improve patient outcomes by applying microwave and radiowave energy to surgical endoscopy.

    Creo Medical was founded in 2003 as MicroOncology Ltd by Professor Chris Hancock, initially to target the treatment of cancers through use of high frequency microwave energy and dynamic matching techniques.

    Creo has developed CROMA, an electrosurgical platform that can deliver microwave and bipolar radiofrequency through a single accessory port. This technology makes it possible to conduct endoscopic surgery by enabling miniature endoscopic devices to cut, coagulate and ablate with precision.

    The company’s strategy is to bring the CROMA platform to market through a suite of medical instruments which the company has designed, initially into the field of GI therapeutic endoscopy, and later into a broader range of areas including bronchoscopy and laparoscopy.

    The Company completed the development required to gain CE Mark accreditation for the CROMA platform and Speedboat in Europe in 2017.  Following this and six months ahead of management's expectations, the Company received 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its CROMA platform and Speedboat in August 2017.

    Creo Medical listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange on 9 December 2016, under the name “Creo Medical Group plc”.

  • Diaceutics (DXRX)

    Diaceutics is the leading data analytics and implementation service provider in the diagnostic commercialization industry.

    Sourcing data from over 2500 clinical laboratories around the world, Diaceutics provides an end to end service to biopharmaceutical companies encompassing everything from understanding the diagnostic landscape to test implementation into treatment pathways.

    Their ultimate goal is to drive better testing to enable better treatment decisions for patients.

  • Duke Royalty (DUKE)

    AIM-listed Duke Royalty is a provider of alternative capital solutions to a diversified range of profitable and long-established businesses in Europe and abroad. The company, which is bringing royalty finance to UK and European businesses outside of the mining sector for the first time, has a market capitalisation of more than £87m and has one of the junior market’s highest yielding dividends. 

  • Eden Research (EDEN)

    Eden is an AIM listed company that develops and supplies breakthrough biopesticide products and natural microencapsulation technologies to the global crop protection, animal health and consumer products industries.

    • Our vision is to be the leader in sustainable bioactive products enabled or enhanced by our novel encapsulation and delivery technologies.
    • Eden is the only UK listed company focused on biopesticides for sustainable agriculture.
    • Proven products, multiple regulatory clearances, strategic partnerships, with two products now commercially available.
    • Eden’s focus is on protecting high-value crops, improving crop yields and marketability.
    • Our products are based upon natural chemistries but deliver performance, ease of use, and cost on par with conventional alternatives.
    • Eden has commercialised its first product, Mevalone, a bio-fungicide, in 10 countries in Southern Europe and Kenya including the top 3 wine producing countries worldwide.
    • Eden has partnered with Eastman Chemical for the commercialisation of its second product, Cedroz, a nematicide, in 29 countries.
  • Equals Group (EQLS)

    Equals Group is a leading challenger in the financial services sector catering for both business and retail customers operating under an e-money licence.

  • Finsbury Food Group (FIF)

    Finsbury Food Group has a long-standing relationship with the licensed brand sector, manufacturing quality cakes for some of the biggest entertainment brands in the market. We are the largest supplier of celebration cakes to the UK’s multiple grocers.

  • Hardide (HDD)


    Hardide is the leading global innovator and provider of advanced tungsten carbide coatings that significantly increase the working life of critical metal components operating in abrasive, erosive, corrosive and chemically aggressive environments. Our coatings are value-adding to components and lower operational costs by reducing downtime, increasing productivity and improving performance. They can be applied to external and internal surfaces including complex geometries, enabling a level of engineering design flexibility not possible with alternative technologies.


    Ilika can assist you towards the commercialisation of your device integrated with solid state batteries:

    • Evaluation of our standard products
    • Customisation of solid state batteries meeting your needs
    • Low volume prototyping for internal testing, field trials and certification
    • Path towards large volume supply of batteries
    • Licensing of the solid state battery technology
  • Ingenta (ING)

    Ingenta was formed in 1998 and floated on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in April 2000. After a number of smaller acquisitions, the Group expanded through a merger with Vista.

    Jointly operating from Europe (Oxford) and North America (Boston and New Jersey), we have local teams in Brazil, India, China and Australia. With industry experience going back nearly 40 years and more than 150 employees, Ingenta serves over 400 trade and scholarly publishers.

    Already a well-established and trusted brand within the scholarly publishing arena, the Ingenta name has now been used to bring the company’s products and services together under one brand umbrella. This allows content owners to understand the complementary offerings and gives the business a clear identity.

  • Inspiration Healthcare Group (IHC)

    Inspiration Healthcare Group is a global supplier of medical technology for critical care, operating theatre and other applications. Our mission is to provide high quality innovative products to patients and caregivers around the world that help to improve patient outcomes and efficiencies of healthcare organisations with patient focused customer service and technical support.

  • Intelligent Ultrasound Group (MED)

    Intelligent Ultrasound (MED) develops artificial intelligence-based clinical image analysis software tools and advanced training simulators for medical practitioners.

    Our AI division uses deep-learning based algorithms to make ultrasound machines smarter and more accessible. Products in development include ScanNav (which automatically grades and captures ultrasound images that conform to a clinical protocol) and AnatomyGuide (which helps clinicians with ultrasound-guided needling).

    Our simulation division has sold over 700 simulators into teaching institutions in over 30 countries. Revenue in 2018 is expected to grow by approximately 27% to between £5.3m and £5.4m (2017: £4.2m).


    As a trusted partner to the global biopharma industry, our technology enabled specialty services are used to, select patients for clinical trials, assess the safety and efficacy of new drugs in development and in post marketing surveillance.

    Our strong scientific heritage and deep understanding of neurological diseases enable us to collaborate with clinical, academic and pharmaceutical partners to develop and deploy new digital technologies targeted at improving the assessment of patient outcomes.

  • Manolete (MANO)

    Manolete is one of the leading players in the high growth insolvency litigation finance market.

  • Marlowe (MRL)

    Marlowe is a UK leader in specialist services which assure the safety and regulatory compliance of commercial properties, whilst managing risk for businesses across the country.

    The company was formed to create sustainable shareholder value through the acquisition and development of businesses that provide regulated inspection, testing and compliance services. Our group has a core focus on health & safety, fire safety, security, water safety, water treatment, air quality and environmental services – all of which are vital to the wellbeing of our customers operations and are invariably governed by regulation.


  • Mirada (MIRA)

    Mirada is a leading provider of products and services for Digital TV Operators and Broadcasters. Founded in 2000 and led by CEO José Luis Vázquez, the company prides itself on having spent almost 20 years as a pioneer in the Digital TV market. Mirada's core focus is on the ever-growing demand for TV Everywhere for which it offers a complete suite of end-to-end modular products across multiple devices, all with innovative state-of-the-art UI designs.

  • Open Orphan (ORPH)

    a European-focussed, rare and orphan drug consulting services platform. The Company will target the fragmented orphan drug services market in Europe

  • OPG Power Ventures (OPG)

    OPG Power Ventures is a developer and operator of power generation plants in India.

  • Sativa Group (SATI)

    Sativa Group joined the NEX Exchange on 29th March 2018 as the first UK listed medicinal cannabis investment vehicle. Since then, the Company has changed its business strategy to capitalise on changes in the UK and European laws and regulations surrounding the cannabis industry. The Company has now established a UK board to follow a consumer investment strategy developing subsidiary businesses involved in the production, testing and compliance, research & development including pharmacology, commercialisation and sales & marketing of medicinal cannabis and cannabidiol products.
    Sativa’s earlier business model was aimed to take advantage of well-placed opportunities within the dynamic regulatory environment of the Medicinal Cannabis sector in North America. The Company invested in two Canadian companies; Rapid Dose Therapeutics, and Veritas Pharma Inc. These companies have enhanced Sativa’s market position by aiding valuable market research, particularly in the area of seed selection and dosing efficacy.
  • Seeing Machines (SEE)

    Seeing Machines is a world leader in driver-machine interaction. We harness human factors science to create artificial intelligence (AI) technology that observes the driver’s attention – reliably, unobtrusively, and in real time – and intervenes seamlessly when necessary.

    Seeing Machines specialises in computer vision algorithms that precisely track eye gaze, head position and pupil size, and our state-of the-art AI technology analyses the data to quickly and accurately detect driver drowsiness, distraction and microsleep events.

  • ShareSoc

    ShareSoc is a not-for-profit membership organisation, created by and for individual investors. Our aims are to help improve your investment experience and to represent your interests wherever this is needed.


  • Shearwater Group (SWG)

    Shearwater Group is an AIM-listed company focused on building a UK based group providing digital resilience solutions.

    Our aim is to acquire and develop information security, cyber and cyber security companies with a leading product, solution or service capability whose full potential can be unlocked through active management and capital investment.

    We will deploy a ‘buy, focus, grow’ strategy to deliver enhanced value through our acquisitions and help to solve the core scaling issues faced by SME information security and cyber security companies.

  • TClarke (CTO)

    When we started in 1889, we were pioneers in the most advanced technology of the age. Tommy Clarke founded this company in the same year Edison was finally commercialising his lightbulbs patents. From the offices pictured above, on Sloane Street in Knightsbridge, we electrified Royal Palaces, stately homes and government offices.

    In the following 130 years, we’ve retained a reputation for quality, based on the work our people do. We’ve stayed independent throughout that time and built a culture that the market has placed its trust in.

    TClarke is constantly changing and evolving our skill base to stay at the edge of technology and technical skills. But the emphasis on quality jobs for quality people has never changed.

  • Trackwise Designs (TWD)

    Trackwise is a UK – based specialist manufacturer of products using printed circuit technology. The Company has historically served the telecommunications and wider radio frequency community with specialist PCBs.

    However, a patented process innovation has extended Trackwises’ capability to the unique manufacture of length unlimited multilayer flexible PCBs. Marketed as Improved Harness Technology™, boards of such length can be used as a weight/space saving alternative to traditional wiring harnesses across high value, mass critical market sectors and applications.

  • Velocity Composites (VEL)

    Our aim at Velocity Composites is very simple: to reduce the operational costs of our customers by providing engineered kits that reduce all forms of waste from the composites supply chain. This allows our customers to focus on their core business of part manufacture and meet the global challenges around new aircraft programmes, aircraft production rate increases and the cost challenges around the volume growth in aerospace composite materials.

    This waste can be in the form of material efficiency, process time, excess stock, logistics and part-to-part variation.

    We achieve this by being a world class team of career composites engineers who understand the build process of our customers, who can interpret and understand their requirements and offer proven, scalable and cost effective solutions to reduce operational costs.

    Our 100% in-house manufacturing teams then take these requirements and produce engineered kits with an unwavering focus on quality, repeatability and waste reduction.

  • Xpediator (XPD)

    Xpediator is the holding company for the Group, a well-established international provider of freight management services operating across the UK and Europe with a particular focus on, and expertise in, the CEE markets.

    The Group currently employs over 600 people with its operational headquarters in Braintree, England, and country offices in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Moldova, Romania and Serbia operating from 22 sites in total.
    The Group has three main business areas which are managed autonomously on a day-to-day basis but directed centrally to cross-sell services to the Group’s customer base:
    - Freight forwarding, trading under the Delamode brand.
    - Logistics and warehousing, trading under the Delamode brand and EMT; and pallet distribution services, trading under the Pall-Ex brand.
    - Transport services, trading under the Affinity brand.


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