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AJ Bell

AJ Bell is a multi-award winning provider of SIPPs, stocks and shares ISAs, Lifetime ISAs, Junior ISAs, Junior SIPPs and share dealing accounts. We offer customers access to a market leading range of investment options, including: shares, funds, ETFs, investment trusts and much more. Our online dealing service starts from just £1.50 and never costs more than £9.95 per online deal.

Alliance Trust

Alliance Trust aims to be a core equity holding for investors that delivers a real return over the long term through a combination of capital growth and a rising dividend. The Company invests primarily in global equities across a wide range of industries and sectors to achieve its objective.

The Company’s investment manager, WTW, has appointed a number of Stock Pickers with different styles, who each ignore the benchmark and only buy a small number of stocks in which they have strong conviction. Therefore, we believe investors get the benefit of both highly focused stock picking to increase potential outperformance versus the benchmark and manager diversification which should reduce risk and volatility. We believe that the Company’s diversified but highly active multi-manager portfolio is competitively priced.

Fidelity European Trust

Fidelity European Trust PLC aims to be the cornerstone long-term investment of choice for those seeking European exposure across market cycles. The Trust invests predominantly in continental European equities (and their related securities) and up to 20% of gross assets may be invested in companies outside of the continent. It follows a consistent bottom-up approach, seeking to identify companies able to grow dividends over a three to five-year horizon. Viewed as a whole, the European Union is the world’s second largest economy and home to some of the strongest, most stable and resilient companies. Aiming to capture the diversity of Europe, across a range of countries and sectors, this Investment Trust looks beyond the noise of market sentiment and concentrates on the real-life progress of European businesses. It researches and selects stocks that can grow their dividends consistently, irrespective of the economic environment.

Henderson International Income Trust

In 2011, Henderson International Income Trust was launched to provide an investment solution for investors seeking attractive income and capital growth opportunities.

The Company invests in some of the best global income ideas, well diversified by sector and region outside the UK, generated by the Janus Henderson Global Equity Income team. Global diversification helps mitigate political and economic risks and provides exposure to additional opportunities. The portfolio is split into three regions, North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, with none representing more than 50% of assets and no individual stock over 5% of the portfolio at the time of investment.

As well as the ability to borrow up to 25% of net assets to enhance returns, the mandate includes the ability to own up to 25% in fixed interest assets to enhance income generation and diversification.

JP Morgan Global Growth & Income

JPMorgan Global Growth & Income has a distinctive strategy for today’s market – aiming to provide the best of both worlds. The Portfolio Managers focus on investing in their best ideas from across the world’s stock markets, whilst the Company provides an attractive quarterly dividend distribution – set at the beginning of its financial year. Investment decisions are made by three highly experienced Portfolio Managers, who are supported by a team of more than 80 research and investment specialists. The Company’s Portfolio Managers have the freedom to invest anywhere in the world in any market and in any sector in pursuit of the most attractive growth opportunities. They tap into the local proprietary analysis of JPMorgan’s award winning and experienced global research team. The Portfolio Managers look to build a portfolio of global stocks that offer the best total returns, and the Company’s dividend policy does not change their investment approach.

Schroder AsiaPacific Fund

Powerful secular trends are driving the Asian growth story and creating a growing volume and variety of world-leading companies in the region. The Schroder AsiaPacific Fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of around 60 of the best quality but undervalued companies across Asia.

An investment in the Schroder AsiaPacific Fund is an investment in:

  • Asian companies with bright prospects
  • Powerful secular trends that are driving growth across the region
  • Keenly trained eyes on quality and valuation
  • A highly experienced team with a wealth of resources both locally and globally
  • And an active and responsible steward of capital

Find out more about the trust’s investment philosophy here: Behind the trust: Schroder AsiaPacific Fund plc (

UK Commercial Property REIT

A diversified portfolio of high quality real estate, built for the future.

UK Commercial Property REIT Limited (UKCM) is a listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a net asset value of £1.26 billion as at end June 2023. UKCM is managed by abrdn and is one of the largest diversified REITs in the UK. It is a component of the FTSE 250 index made up of the largest 250 companies with a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange. The objective of the Company is to provide ordinary shareholders with an attractive level of income together with the potential for capital and income growth from investing in a diversified portfolio of UK commercial properties.