Shares Investor Evening - Webinar

Shares Investor Evening - Webinar

Tuesday 21 July 2020

Come online and join Shares and AJ Bell Media at their next webinar on Tuesday 21 July 2020 which can be accessed from wherever you are!

Shares Spotlight webinars feature presentations from directors of listed companies explaining their investment propositions followed by an opportunity for you to ask questions. This is your chance to hear first-hand from the people making the decisions on what these companies do and how they are going to generate shareholder value.

Accessing the webinar is very simple; simply register your details and follow the link that you will receive in your confirmation email at the scheduled time of the webinar.

The webinar will not require your participation in the form of audio or video, however you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the presenters via an online chat window during the webinar.

The webinar will follow a similar format to our regular Shares Investor Evenings, and is open to any existing shareholders or potential investors.

The webinar will feature the following companies:

MaxCyte (MXCT) is a provider of technological solutions to pharmaceutical companies. Its key product is electroporation technology which is sold to companies which are engaged in drug discovery and development.

Pensana Rare Earths Plc (PRE) With Presidential approval and backing from the Angolan Sovereign Wealth Fund, recently LSE listed Pensana Rare Earths is bringing online the first major rare earths in over a decade to help meet the rapidly growing demand for magnet metals critical for electric vehicles and offshore wind turbines. 

Quadrise Fuels International (QFI) is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of emulsion fuel for use in power generation, industrial and marine diesel engines and steam generation applications.

ReNeuron Group (RENE) is a biotechnology firm. The principal of the business involves the research and development of stem cell technology for the treatment of motor disabilities and blindness-causing diseases.

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Who Should Attend

The evening exposes investors to companies across various sectors. Perfect for existing investors as well as those looking for new investment opportunities.

Evening timings

Roland Spencer, Head of Corporate Development - Shares
Quadrise Fuels International
Mike Kirk, Chairman - Quadrise Fuels International (QFI)
Jason Miles, CEO - Quadrise Fuels International (QFI)
ReNeuron Group
Michael Hunt, CFO - ReNeuron Group (RENE)
Pensana Rare Earths
Paul Atherley, Chairman - Pensana Rare Earths Plc (PRE)
Doug Doerfler, President & Chief Executive Officer - MaxCyte (MXCT)
End of event

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