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BMR has successfully developed a proprietary acid/brine leach process that enables it to achieve high metal recoveries from the different tailings deposits.

BMR Group PLC is listed on AIM under the ticker BMR.

The Company is focused on the recovery of lead and zinc from the tailings deposits of Zambia’s oldest mine at Kabwe.

FreeAgent (FREE)

FreeAgent launched in 2007, hewn from the frustration that managing company finances was just too damn hard for most small businesses and freelancers. Since then we’ve doggedly stuck to our mantra of demystifying accounting and redefining the relationship people have with their finances.

Ambitious? Sure. Crazy? Quite possibly, but we think it might just work.

We’ve won some important awards over the years, but we’re most proud of the lovely things our users say about us, and the super smart and friendly team we’ve built.

We’re based in the Scottish capital Edinburgh, recently described as “Probably the most beautiful city we have ever seen” by The Black Eyed Peas! High praise indeed.


ReNeuron Group (RENE)

ReNeuron Group (RENE) is a leading, clinical-stage stem cell business. Our primary objective is the development of novel stem cell therapies targeting areas of significant unmet or poorly met medical need.

Tertiary Minerals (TYM)

Tertiary Minerals plc (ticker symbol 'TYM') is an AIM-traded mineral exploration and development company building a significant strategic position in the fluorspar sector.

Fluorspar is an essential raw material in the chemical, steel and aluminium industries with no large scale commercial alternative, or recycling available. Tertiary controls two significant Scandinavian projects (Storuman in Sweden and Lassedalen in Norway) and a large deposit of strategic significance in Nevada USA (MB Project) from which the Company is planning to produce premium grade fluorspar - acid-spar. 


Vipera (VIP)

Vipera is a leading provider of mobile financial services platforms. The Vipera platform provides the easiest, fastest, most cost-effective way to develop and operate mobile data services. Solutions powered by Vipera run today on more than 500,000 phones, on hundreds of mobile networks in many countries. Founded in 2005, Vipera has offices in Zurich, Milan and London.

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