Shares Investor Evening (Manchester)

Shares Investor Evening (Manchester)

Wednesday 10 October 2018
The Shares and AJ Bell Media evening event in Manchester is an opportunity for senior board directors from fast growing listed PLCs to make a presentation about their company and update existing & potential investors on their business plans for 2018.
During the event and afterwards over drinks, investors will have the chance to discover new investment opportunities and get to know the companies better by talking one on one with the company directors
Attend the Manchester event on 10 October 2018 and you will receive a bottle of Champagne and a ‘Shares’ Sports Flip Lid Water Bottle.

Companies presenting:

Destiny Pharma (DEST) is dedicated to the discovery, development and commercialisation of new antimicrobials that have unique properties to improve outcomes for patients and the delivery of medical care into the future.The proprietary, new antimicrobial drug platform at Destiny Pharma, the XF Drug Series, act via an ultra-rapid action which kill bacteria (including antibiotic resistant strains) leaving the bacteria unable to mount a resistance response.
Diurnal (DNL) is a UK-based, globally-focused specialty pharma company developing high quality products for the life-long treatment of chronic endocrine conditions. Diurnal’s expertise and innovative research activities focus on circadian-based endocrinology (mimicking the body’s natural hormone levels), which has yielded novel product candidates being trialled in patients prior to the submission of a marketing authorisation application.
Phoenix Global Mining (PGM) is a US-focused base metal explorer and developer focussed on advancing the Empire Mine in Idaho into open pit copper oxide production, with additional upside available from potential underground development. The Company intends to deliver production from the Empire Mine in two phases in order to minimise upfront capital requirement and lead-time to cash flow.
Powerhouse Energy (PHE) has developed the innovative PHE G3-UHt waste-to-energy, ultra-high temperature gasification reactor technology together with auxiliary waste and power solutions. This technology provides a mechanism to dispose of a wide range of waste streams by using them as feedstock that can be converted to synthesis gas (syngas). This in turn can be used to generate electricity for export to the grid or for use within an enterprise. Unlike competitive techniques for converting municipal wastes to energy, the reactors do not produce toxic residues and have a small footprint, making them suitable for deployment at enterprise or community level.
ReNeuron Group (RENE) is a leading, clinical-stage cell therapy development business.  Based in the UK, its primary objective is the development of novel cell-based therapies targeting areas of significant unmet or poorly met medical need. ReNeuron is also advancing a proprietary platform technology to exploit nanoparticles (exosomes) secreted by stem cells as potential new drug candidates targeting indications in tissue repair, fibrosis and cancer.
SkinBioTherapeutics (SBTX) is a life science company focused on skin health. The Company’s proprietary platform technology, SkinBiotix, which applies research discoveries made on the activities of lysates derived from probiotic bacteria when applied to skin. The Company has shown that the SkinBiotix platform can improve the barrier effect of skin models, improve repair and reduce bacterial load.

Who Should Attend

The evening exposes investors to companies across various sectors. Perfect for existing investors as well as those looking for new investment opportunities.

Evening timings

Registration and coffee
Neil Clark, CEO - Destiny Pharma (DEST)
Martin Whitaker, CEO - Diurnal (DNL)
Richard Wilkins, CFO - Phoenix Global Mining (PGM)
Michael Hunt, CFO - ReNeuron Group (RENE)
SkinBioTherapeutics (SBTX)
Powerhouse Energy (PHE)
+ More to be announced
Drinks reception and canapés


Macdonald Manchester Hotel

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