Shares Investor Webinar

Shares Investor Webinar

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Shares Spotlight webinars feature presentations from directors of companies explaining their investment propositions followed by an opportunity for you to ask questions. This is your chance to hear first-hand from the directors of companies and how they are going to generate shareholder value.

Registering and joining us for webinar is very simple; simply register your details and follow the link you will receive in your confirmation email at the scheduled time of the webinar.

The following companies will be presenting:

Adriatic Metals (ADT1) is engaged in mineral exploration and development in the Balkans. Its projects include the Vares project in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Raska project in Serbia. AM is dual listed in London and Australia.

Fulham Shore (FUL) founded in 2012 and admitted to AIM in 2014, Fulham Shore (FUL) owns and operates The Real Greek and Franco Manca restaurant brands.

Karelian Diamond Resources (KDR) is an Ireland-based company which focuses on the discovery of diamond deposits in Finland. It is engaged in exploring for diamonds and evaluating an existing diamond prospect (diamondiferous kimberlite pipe) in the Karelian Craton of Finland.


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Who Should Attend

The evening exposes investors to companies across various sectors. Perfect for existing investors as well as those looking for new investment opportunities.

The webinar will not require your participation in the form of audio or video, however you will have the opportunity to ask questions of  the presenters via an online chat window during the presentation.

Evening timings

Chris Williams, Spotlight Manager - Shares
Fulham Shore
David Page, Chairman - Fulham Shore (FUL)
Adriatic Metals
Thomas Horton, Head of Corporate Development and Investor Relations - Adriatic Metals (ADT1)
Karelian Diamond Resources
Professor Richard Conroy, Chairman - Karelian Diamond Resources (KDR)
End of webinar

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