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Allergy Therapeutics (AGY)

We provide information to healthcare professionals about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergic conditions with a special focus on allergy vaccination (also known as specific immunotherapy or desensitisation therapy). Allergy vaccination is a successful treatment that deals with the underlying cause of allergies and not just the symptoms! Allergy Therapeutics has a long-term commitment to the development of innovative therapies for allergy treatment and allergy prevention.

Henderson European Focus Trust (HEFT)

The Henderson European Focus Trust seeks to maximise total return (a combination of income and capital growth) from a portfolio of stocks listed in Europe. The portfolio can hold companies of any size but has a strong bias towards large cap.


India Capital Growth Fund (IGC)

The India Capital Growth Fund (ICGF) is a closed ended Investment Company, listed on the main board of the London Stock Exchange. It follows a bottom-up long-term investment approach focused on India’s small and midcap market with a concentrated portfolio of around 30 holdings. ICGF is managed by Ocean Dial, a single country focused asset management company investing directly into India.

Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income Trust (JEFI)

The Jupiter Emerging & Frontier Income Trust is an investment trust that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The company’s investment objective is to achieve capital growth and income, over the long term, through investing predominantly in companies exposed directly or indirectly to emerging and frontier markets worldwide.

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