Quick Stats

Last Price £1.13 Day Change £0.01 (0.0048%)
Price Date 22 Feb 2024 Morningstar Rating 2
Shares Class Acc Yield 5.09 %
Last Ex-Dividend Date 01 January 2020 Dividend Frequency -
Sector Mixed Investment 20-60% Shares Fund Size 0.00
Launch Date 01/01/2020 Standard Initial Charge 0.00%
Ongoing cost 1.52% Annual Management Charge 0.00%

Fund Objective

The fund aims to provide income over the medium to long term (3-5 years) by investing in a balanced and well diversified portfolio of UK and International equities which the Investment Manager expects to be able to generate income (i.e. dividends) as well as some fixed interest securities including government and corporate bonds. Investments will also be made in regulated collective investment schemes (which may include funds managed and/or operated by the ACD or Investment Manager), money markets and cash deposits to provide further diversification to the fund in accordance with applicable regulations.

Fund Managers

Valu-Trac Investment Management Limited