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(a closed-ended investment company incorporated in Guernsey with registration number 56128)

(“the Company”)

Result of Annual General Meeting

22 September 2016

At the Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) of the Company held on 22 September 2016 at 9.30am, all resolutions set out in the AGM Notice sent to shareholders were duly passed by a show of hands.

Details of the proxy voting results which should be read alongside the Notice sent to shareholders on 19 August 2016 are noted below.  A vote withheld is not a vote in law and has not been counted in the votes for and against a resolution.

Ordinary Resolutions For Against Withheld
1 182,286,777 118,572 0
2 169,827,479 12,577,870 0
3 182,395,349 10,000 0
4 169,817,479 12,587,870 0
5 182,395,349 10,000 0
6 182,358,899 46,450 0
7 182,395,349 10,000 0
8 182,405,349 0 0
9 182,369,749 10,000 25,600
10 182,167,382 212,367 25,600

At the same AGM noted above, the following Extraordinary Resolution was also passed:

Extraordinary Resolution 1:

(161,070,292 in favour / 21,309,457 against / 25,600 abstain)

That, in addition to and without prejudice to any authority currently in force, (and in addition to any power conferred on them by ordinary resolution 9 above), the Directors be and are authorised generally and unconditionally in accordance with Article 6.7 of the Articles to exercise all powers of the Company to issue equity securities (as defined in Article 6.1(a)) for cash as if the members’ pre-emption rights contained in Article 6.2 of the Articles did not apply to any such issue pursuant to the general authority conferred on them by the ordinary resolution numbered 8 above (as varied from time to time by the Company in general meeting):

a)    pursuant to an offer of equity securities open for acceptance for a period fixed by the Directors where the equity securities respectively attributable to the interests of holders of Ordinary Shares are proportionate (as nearly as may be) to the respective numbers of Ordinary Shares held by them but subject to such exclusions or other arrangements in connection with the issue as the Directors may consider necessary, appropriate or expedient to deal with equity securities representing fractional entitlements or to deal with legal or practical problems arising in any overseas territory, the requirements of any regulatory body or stock exchange, or any other matter whatsoever; and

b)    provided that (otherwise than pursuant to sub-paragraph (a) above) this power shall be limited to the allotment of equity securities up to an aggregate nominal value equal to 10% of the total number of shares in issue in the Company at the date of the passing of this extraordinary resolution, and provided further that (i) the number of equity securities to which this power applies shall be reduced from time to time by the number of treasury shares which are sold pursuant to any power conferred on the Directors by resolution 10 above and

(ii) no issue of equity securities shall be made under this power which would result in Ordinary Shares being issued at a price which is less than the net asset value per Ordinary Share as at the latest practicable date before such allotment of equity securities as determined by the Directors in their reasonable discretion,

and such power hereby conferred shall expire on whichever is the earlier of: (i) the conclusion of the annual general meeting of the Company to be held in 2017; or (ii) the date 15 months after the date on which this extraordinary resolution is passed (unless renewed, varied or revoked by the Company prior to that date) save that the Company may, before such expiry, make offers or agreements which would or might require equity securities to be issued after such expiry and the Directors may issue equity securities in pursuance to such offers or agreements as if the authority conferred hereby had not expired.


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