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Lloyds Banking Group PLC Market & Company News

09:32LLOY, NWG, AIBGNextEnergy Solar leverage levels in line with company policyAlliance
15.04.2024 17:59LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
12.04.2024 17:57LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
11.04.2024 17:37LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
11.04.2024 14:00LLOYDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
10.04.2024 18:02LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
10.04.2024 09:01MNG, LLOY, PHNXLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Exane BNP raises Shell to 'outperform'Alliance
09.04.2024 18:07LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
09.04.2024 12:20CBG, LLOY, BARCPRESS: Barclays mounts challenge to UK car finance ruling - SkyAlliance
08.04.2024 18:02LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
05.04.2024 18:05LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
04.04.2024 18:05LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
04.04.2024 13:08SNX, TRI, TTGUK dividends calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
04.04.2024 10:10LLOYPublication of Final TermsRNS
03.04.2024 18:01LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
02.04.2024 17:56LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
01.04.2024 06:32CBG, LLOYUK car finance firms face 'headache' of potential compensation claimsAlliance
28.03.2024 17:46LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
28.03.2024 17:39LLOYTotal Voting RightsRNS
28.03.2024 17:24LLOYPublication of a ProspectusRNS
28.03.2024 09:30LLOYBlock Listing of SharesRNS
27.03.2024 18:10LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
26.03.2024 17:53LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
26.03.2024 14:00LLOYDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
25.03.2024 17:34LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
22.03.2024 18:14LLOYPublication of a ProspectusRNS
21.03.2024 18:13LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
21.03.2024 16:28LLOYNotice of AGMRNS
21.03.2024 10:28LLOY, VMUKTOP NEWS: Virgin Money and Nationwide agree terms of acquisitionAlliance
20.03.2024 18:16LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
20.03.2024 08:44IDS, LLOY, PAYPaypoint and Lloyds Banking Group extend cards partnership agreementAlliance
19.03.2024 18:18LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
18.03.2024 18:19LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
15.03.2024 18:05LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
15.03.2024 14:00LLOYDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
14.03.2024 17:58LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
13.03.2024 18:23LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
13.03.2024 15:00LLOYDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
12.03.2024 18:16LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
11.03.2024 18:16LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
08.03.2024 17:33LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
08.03.2024 13:30LLOYDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
07.03.2024 18:06LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
07.03.2024 14:29LLOYDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
06.03.2024 18:08LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
06.03.2024 17:55LLOYHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
06.03.2024 17:47LLOYHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
05.03.2024 17:25LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
05.03.2024 12:21LLOYPublication of Final TermsRNS
05.03.2024 09:55LLOY, TRN, DARKIN BRIEF: Darktrace hires former Trainline HR head as new CPOAlliance
04.03.2024 18:03LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
01.03.2024 17:45LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
01.03.2024 15:00LLOYDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
01.03.2024 14:45LLOYPublication of Suppl.ProspctsRNS
01.03.2024 11:51LLOYPublication of Suppl.ProspctsRNS
29.02.2024 18:12LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
29.02.2024 17:18LLOYTotal Voting RightsRNS
29.02.2024 16:21LLOY2023 Form 20F FiledRNS
29.02.2024 14:30LLOYTotal Voting RightsRNS
29.02.2024 08:32LLOY2023 Annual Report and AccountsRNS
29.02.2024 08:32LLOY2023 Annual Report and AccountsRNS
28.02.2024 17:57LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
27.02.2024 17:59LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
26.02.2024 18:15LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
26.02.2024 12:33LLOYIN BRIEF: Lloyds Chair Robin Budenberg buys GBP455,000 in sharesAlliance
26.02.2024 11:00LLOYDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
26.02.2024 09:07ITM, CWR, TATELONDON BROKER RATINGS: Jefferies raises ITM Power to 'buy' Alliance
23.02.2024 18:10LLOYTransaction in Own SharesRNS
23.02.2024 11:50LLOYPublication of Suppl.ProspctsRNS
23.02.2024 10:13LLOYIN BRIEF: Lloyds launches GBP2 billion share buyback programmeAlliance
23.02.2024 09:19EBQ, IOM, GLELONDON BROKER RATINGS: Barclays raises Breedon but cuts Domino's PizzaAlliance
23.02.2024 07:34LLOYShare Buyback Programme CommencesRNS
22.02.2024 16:13LLOY2023 Form 20F FiledRNS
22.02.2024 09:59NWG, LLOYCORRECT: Lloyds profit rises but books GBP450 million probe provisionAlliance
22.02.2024 08:24NWG, LLOYTOP NEWS: Lloyds profit rises but books GBP450 million probe provisionAlliance
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