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Bank Of Ireland Group PLC Market & Company News

16.01.2024 09:14BDEV, BKG, BARCLONDON BROKER RATINGS: UBS raises GSK and cuts AstraZenecaAlliance
12.01.2024 14:48BIRGDirectorate ChangeRNS
11.01.2024 09:26HSBA, BARC, BIRGTOP NEWS: Big Yellow rent hike saves revenue from decreased occupancyAlliance
12.12.2023 09:17BIRGPost-Stabilisation NoticeRNS
11.12.2023 09:41BIRGNotice of the Redemption of Preference StockRNS
08.12.2023 08:04BIRGChange in Director ResponsibilitiesRNS
08.12.2023 07:59BIRGDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
05.12.2023 14:38BIRGBank of Ireland extends UK Post Office pact by five years to 2031Alliance
05.12.2023 10:30BIRGUpdate on UK Financial Services PartnershipsRNS
01.12.2023 17:36BIRGOutcome of 2023 ECB SREPRNS
01.12.2023 15:13BIRGHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
01.12.2023 09:30TSCO, BME, SBRYLONDON BROKER RATINGS: UBS lifts Antofagasta and Anglo American to buyAlliance
17.11.2023 16:18BIRGNotification of Major HoldingsRNS
07.11.2023 11:36PTSB, BIRG, AIBGAIB Group poised for future as Irish Department of Finance trims stakeAlliance
06.11.2023 08:27BIRGPre Stabilisation Notice - BKIR 6NC5 Green HoldCoRNS
02.11.2023 16:24BIRGNotification of Major HoldingsRNS
01.11.2023 16:28BIRGRetirement of Legacy Perpetual InstrumentsRNS
31.10.2023 12:36BIRGDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
26.10.2023 10:45BIRGBank of Ireland ups outlook on favourable "rate environment"Alliance
26.10.2023 07:00BIRGQ3 2023 Interim Management StatementRNS
19.10.2023 15:46WPP, ULVR, STANUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
13.10.2023 09:25SHI, FORT, ROOLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Stifel says hold S&N; JPM neutral on DeliverooAlliance
11.10.2023 09:17AFM, AIBG, BIRGLONDON BROKER RATINGS: JPMorgan raises Croda; Berenberg cuts AtalayaAlliance
04.10.2023 17:31BIRGNotification of Major HoldingsRNS
29.09.2023 13:22BIRG2023 Interim ReportRNS
29.09.2023 09:15AIBG, BIRG, WIZZLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Goldman Sachs cuts WPP; Shore raises LandSecAlliance
21.09.2023 14:00BIRGDirectorate ChangesRNS
12.09.2023 12:20BIRGPost-Stabilisation Notice - BKIRRNS
24.08.2023 16:16BIRGHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
17.08.2023 06:59BIRGIrish central bank seeks explanation from Bank of Ireland after glitchAlliance
16.08.2023 17:43BIRGBank of Ireland debacle could inflict "lasting reputational damage"Alliance
08.08.2023 09:25MNDI, SMDS, FRESLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Deutsche Bank cuts WPP to 'hold' from 'buy'Alliance
04.08.2023 09:39IBST, TIFS, VMUKLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Jefferies raises John Wood to 'buy'Alliance
03.08.2023 17:52BIRGFinal results of Tender Offers – Preference StockRNS
03.08.2023 17:52BIRGFinal results of Tender Offer – Preference SharesRNS
03.08.2023 17:52BIRGInterim Tender and Voting Results - 13.375% BondsRNS
03.08.2023 17:52BIRGResults of Tender OffersRNS
03.08.2023 09:31CLI, VMUK, FDMLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Berenberg raises Hochschild Mining to 'buy'Alliance
02.08.2023 09:07WEIR, DGE, RMVLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Barclays, Bernstein, Stifel cut Diageo PTAlliance
31.07.2023 10:08BIRGBank of Ireland profit gets boost from higher interest rates, KBC buyAlliance
31.07.2023 07:00BIRG2023 Interim ResultsRNS
28.07.2023 19:36AIBG, BIRGAIB and Bank of Ireland point to strength of capital after stress testAlliance
28.07.2023 18:15BIRGEU-Wide Stress Test ResultsRNS
25.07.2023 12:50BIRGTender Offers for Legacy Perpetual InstrumentsRNS
24.07.2023 06:53BIRG, LLOY, HSBAUK city minister to warn banks over "de-banking" customersAlliance
21.07.2023 09:33BHP, AIBG, TETLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Jefferies raises Hargreaves Lansdown to 'buy'Alliance
06.07.2023 16:29BIRGHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
30.06.2023 16:40BIRGTender Offer Update - Preference SharesRNS
30.06.2023 16:39BIRGTender Offer Update - Perpetual BondsRNS
30.06.2023 16:38BIRGTender Offer Update - Preference StockRNS
30.06.2023 16:38BIRGTender Offers for Legacy Perpetual InstrumentsRNS
30.06.2023 12:53BIRGTotal Voting RightsRNS
28.06.2023 08:35BIRG, PTSB, AIBGUPDATE: AIB calls cut in Irish state holding to below 50% "milestone"Alliance
27.06.2023 18:06BIRG, PTSB, AIBGTOP NEWS: Irish state trims AIB stake to below 50% in latest saleAlliance
27.06.2023 08:35BIRGPre Stabilisation Notice BOI 8NC7RNS
27.06.2023 07:00BIRGCompletion of EUR125m share buyback programmeRNS
26.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
23.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
22.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
21.06.2023 14:05BIRGHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
21.06.2023 08:33BIRGTender Offer Launch - Legacy Perpetual InstrumentsRNS
21.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
20.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
19.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
16.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
15.06.2023 16:57BIRGHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
15.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
14.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
13.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
12.06.2023 16:30BIRGNotification of Major Holdings in CompanyRNS
12.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
09.06.2023 12:15BIRGNotification of Major HoldingsRNS
09.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
08.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
07.06.2023 07:00BIRGTransaction in Own SharesRNS
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