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Goldplat PLC Market & Company News

17.06.2024 17:34GDPIN BRIEF: Goldplat plans to invest GBP900,000 in GhanaAlliance
17.06.2024 11:22GDPInvesting further in Local Beneficiation in GhanaRNS
28.05.2024 08:24GDPGrant of Options and Restricted Share AwardsRNS
13.05.2024 11:04GDPGoldplat profit slumps as South African mining operation strugglesAlliance
13.05.2024 07:00GDP3rd Quarter Operating Results updateRNS
19.04.2024 09:41GDPGoldplat diesel generators arrive at South African operationsAlliance
19.04.2024 07:00GDPArrival of GeneratorsRNS
11.04.2024 07:00GDPAppointment of Executive DirectorsRNS
08.04.2024 07:00GDPInvestor Presentation ReminderReach
25.03.2024 17:31ORR, GSF, LEXEARNINGS AND TRADING: RTC back in profit but Goldplat earnings fallAlliance
25.03.2024 07:01GDPInvestor PresentationReach
25.03.2024 07:00GDPInterim results for six-months ended 31 Dec 2023RNS
07.02.2024 11:51GDPGoldplat increases operating profit despite "bittersweet" quarterAlliance
07.02.2024 09:16GDP2nd Quarter Operating ResultsRNS
23.01.2024 11:44GDPResults of Reconvened Annual General MeetingRNS
22.01.2024 14:33TET, PANR, BODUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
15.01.2024 07:00GDPInvestor PresentationReach
12.01.2024 07:00GDPNotice of Reconvened Annual General MeetingRNS
29.12.2023 12:23GDPResults of AGM and Adjournment of MeetingRNS
22.12.2023 15:50WBI, TFG, SBTXUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
18.12.2023 18:33POW, TUN, MAJEEARNINGS AND TRADING: Goldplat profit tumbles despite revenue jumpAlliance
18.12.2023 07:01GDPNotice of Investor PresentationRNS
18.12.2023 07:00GDPAudited Results for the Year Ended 30 June 2023RNS
04.12.2023 07:00GDPNotice of Annual General MeetingRNS
10.11.2023 10:17GDPGoldplat first quarter operating profit slightly down, net cash halvesAlliance
10.11.2023 07:00GDP1st Quarter ResultsRNS
15.08.2023 12:39GDPGoldplat operations struggle in Africa but profit stays resilientAlliance
15.08.2023 07:05GDPNotification of Investor PresentationRNS
15.08.2023 07:00GDP4th Quarter Operating ResultsRNS
27.06.2023 14:01GDPIN BRIEF: Goldplat makes progress at South African operationAlliance
27.06.2023 13:07GDPTSF UpdateRNS
31.05.2023 18:14GDPIN BRIEF: Goldplat names new COO, renews gold licence in GhanaAlliance
31.05.2023 07:00GDPUpdate: Management Team, Licensing and ElectricityRNS
05.05.2023 19:25PIN, LSL, POWTRADING UPDATES: Goldplat nine-month operating profit fallsAlliance
05.05.2023 07:00GDP3rd Quarter Operating Results update 31 March 2023RNS
31.03.2023 14:31GDPGoldplat interim profit affected by energy shortages and admin costsAlliance
31.03.2023 07:00GDPInterim results for period ended 31 December 2022RNS
23.03.2023 12:39GDPResult of Adjourned AGMRNS
17.03.2023 20:15SAV, PHE, TMGTRADING UPDATES: Powerhouse Energy hails lease for forthcoming centreAlliance
16.03.2023 15:50ZAIM, IDOX, HDDUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
16.03.2023 11:55GDPUpdate on ElectricityRNS
14.03.2023 12:51ANP, GDPInland Homes appoints new chair, staving off share suspensionAlliance
28.02.2023 07:00GDPAdjourned AGM and Posting of Annual ReportRNS
20.02.2023 10:58GDPGoldplat annual profit up but South Africa power outages hit new yearAlliance
20.02.2023 07:30GDPRestoration - Goldplat plcRNS
20.02.2023 07:01GDPNotification of Investor PresentationRNS
20.02.2023 07:00GDP2nd Quarter operating results updateRNS
20.02.2023 07:00GDPAudited Results for the year ended 30 June 2022RNS
13.02.2023 15:42WIL, TSTL, LLAIUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
13.02.2023 08:12GDPGoldplat promotes Kemp to non-executive chair; Kisbey-Green steps down Alliance
13.02.2023 07:00GDPAppointment Of ChairmanRNS
31.01.2023 07:30GDPUpdate on Annual ReportRNS
20.01.2023 19:53GDP, NOG, BWNGTRADING UPDATES: RM Infrastructure investment manager buys sharesAlliance
20.01.2023 14:21GDPAnnual ReportRNS
13.01.2023 15:47WRKS, N91, GDPUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
03.01.2023 07:30GDPSuspension - Goldplat plcRNS
03.01.2023 07:00GDPResults of AGM and Adjournment of MeetingRNS
23.12.2022 15:47TMO, SPDI, RGPUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
15.12.2022 14:05GDPUpdate on Annual Report - Suspension of sharesRNS
06.12.2022 17:42GDPNotice of AGMRNS
02.12.2022 11:58GCAT, GDPIN BRIEF: Goldplat sells remaining shares in Caracal GoldAlliance
02.12.2022 07:05GDPSale of shares in Caracal Gold PlcRNS
02.12.2022 07:00GDP, GCATHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
22.11.2022 20:02GCAT, ATM, XTRTRADING UPDATES: AfriTin hails drilling finds; Severfield profit risesAlliance
22.11.2022 12:21GDPSale of a portion of shares in Caracal Gold PlcRNS
22.11.2022 12:00GDP, GCATHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
08.11.2022 07:00GDP1st Quarter ResultsRNS
01.11.2022 12:47GDPInvestor WebinarRNS
31.10.2022 21:00CHLL, AMRQ, IIPTRADING UPDATES: Goldplat sells shares; Chill Brands starts campaignsAlliance
31.10.2022 14:12GDPSale of a Portion of Shares in Caracal Gold PLCRNS
26.09.2022 21:46EGY, WSBN, RSETRADING UPDATES: Goldplat appoints chair; 3i portfolios make progressAlliance
26.09.2022 07:00GDPAppointment of Chairman and Non-Executive DirectorRNS
17.08.2022 10:57GDPIN BRIEF: Goldplat shares rise as operating profit surges Alliance
17.08.2022 07:00GDP4th quarter operating results updateRNS
16.06.2022 13:40GDPIN BRIEF: Goldplat wins water use authorization in South AfricaAlliance
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