Source - SMW
CVS, one of the UK's leading providers of veterinary services, reports a record year for revenue and operating profits across the group.

CVS says organic growth was enhanced by further acquisitions in its veterinary practice and crematoria divisions. 

CVS says it increased investment in the development of its services, staff and premises, and further improved its customer service in all areas.

Revenue grew by 30.4% to £218.1m in the year to the end of June (2015: £167.3m). 

Adjusted EBITDA increased by 42.5% to £32.8m (2015: £23.0m) and adjusted EPS grew by 31.2% to 32.4p (2015: 24.7p).

Operating profit rose by 20.0% to £11.8m (2015: £9.8m), cash generated from operations increased 51.1% to £33.6m (2015: £22.2m) and profit before tax increased by 6.0% to £9.1m (2015: £8.5m).

 Basic EPS was unchanged at 11.6p (2015: 11.6p) due to the increase in the number of Ordinary shares in issue.