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Invesco Perpetual Enhanced Income Limited  (the “Company”)

Block Listing Application

Application has been made to the UK Listing Authority and the London Stock Exchange for the block listing for general business purposes of 3,698,691 ordinary shares of 5 pence each, to be admitted to the Official List of the UKLA and to the London Stock Exchange for the Shares to be admitted to trading on its main market. The purpose of the block listing is to satisfy regular and on-going market demand and the block listing is expected to become effective at 8:00 a.m. on 28 September 2016.

The shares may be issued from time to time for cash subject to guidelines laid down by the Board and in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association provided that such issues are made at prices above the prevailing net asset value per share. Any shares will, when issued, rank pari passu with the existing ordinary shares of the Company.


Hilary Jones

R&H Fund Services (Jersey) Limited

Telephone: 01534 825323

27 September 2016