Source - SMW
Leaf Clean Energy's net asset value on 30 June was $106.3 million, $13.9 million lower than on 30 June 2015.  

The reduction in the NAV resulted from a $9.8 million return of cash to the shareholders via the October 2015 redemption, and the comprehensive loss for the period of $4.2 million.  

The comprehensive loss consisted of a $4.5 million gain on revaluation in the carrying value of the portfolio companies, offset by $2.4 million of administration expenses, $1.7 million in transaction related costs primarily associated with the litigation against Invenergy, and $3.6 million and $0.5 million of taxation expense and incentive plans expense provision, respectively, in each case resulting from the increase in the carrying value of the investments.  

At the end of the period, $6.0 million of Leaf's NAV was held in cash and $115.7 million in investments. NAV per share for the Leaf Group was 89.98 cents or 67.89 pence at the period-end exchange rate of $1.33/£.

At 9:52am: (LON:LEAF) Leaf Clean Energy Company share price was +0.5p at 42p