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A summary of Friday's business headlines. Coverage of UK's election and Brexit, climate ties, eurozone debt, BA, Facebook, Lloyds Banking Group, BT, Uber, sterling, Bank of England, Donald Trump and much more ...


EU and China strengthen climate ties to counter US retreat

Trump poised to pull US out of Paris climate accord

Trump's Twitter typo starts a 'covfefe' kerfuffle

Business dismay over Trump plan to quit Paris climate accord

EU presses plan to bundle debt of eurozone countries

BA's computer meltdown: how did it happen?

CVC Capital sets new European fundraising record

Business dismay over Trump plan to quit Paris climate accord

Facebook shareholders to confront Zuckerberg over fake news

Five markets charts that matter for investors

Business dismay over Trump plan to quit Paris climate accord

Theresa May loses her shine with the currency market

Pimco hit by price plunge in teetering Spanish bank's bonds


Booming US jobs market lifts equities

Saga of PPG versus Azko ends in more mudslinging

Soros's latest speculation: Britain to rejoin radically transformed EU

Red faces at Bank over strike ballot

Recruiting in eurozone factories outpaces UK and US

Domestic market drives strong manufacturing growth


Facebook shareholders reject fake news proposal

Lloyds bulks up in credit card market with £1.9bn takeover 

Major investor questions knock-on effects of British Airways power surge

UK pharma sector faces 'crisis' without early Brexit deal

BT to show Champions League final clips on Snapchat

Uber 'on path to profitability' as losses fall to $708m

Peer-to-peer lender Zopa moves towards bank launch after raising £32m

'Dieselgate did us a favour' admits Johnson Matthey chief 

Pound recovers losses in choppy trade after manufacturing data beat; FTSE 100 flirts with record highs

Willie Walsh defends British Airways' handling of flight chaos and insists IT was not to blame

'Dysfunctional' EU has plunged into existential crisis, George Soros warns Bank of England

Bank of England faces strike as workers vote on 'contemptuous' 1pc pay offer


UK now the worst-performing advanced economy in the world

Pound sterling remains volatile after latest poll slashes Tory lead

Startup founders vulnerable to health and relationship issues

Facebook and Apple urge Trump not to pull out of Paris Agreement

The five signs that Brexit is starting to hurt the UK economy

Meet the 14 billionaires who just pledged to give away their fortune


Eurozone manufacturing surges and UK factories keep growing

M&S targets food waste and social change in sustainability plan

Google: Plans submitted for 1m sq ft 'landscraper' London headquarters

Super-rich evade on average nearly third of their due tax

Southern: Rail drivers suspend overtime ban in long-running dispute

Reborn British Steel gives shares to workers after return to profit

British Airways: Willie Walsh praises bosses after IT meltdown

India: 'Big mistake' of demonetisation blamed for slowing growth


More than half of Britons retiring this year are giving up work earlier than expected

More than half of those retiring in 2017 are doing so early, says survey

'Mother of all bubbles' Bank of England has backed into 'dangerous corner'

How to keep to budget when buying a property abroad