Source - SMW
Legendary Investments has agreed to  acquire 9.7% of Crowd for Angels (UK) Limited at a post money valuation for CfA of £3.7 million. 

CfA owns and operates the 'Crowd for Angels' crowdfunding platform. 

Legendary said the 9.7% stake would be paid for through the issue to CfA of 248,275,862 Legendary ordinary shares.

Executive chairman Zafar Karim said: 'We are delighted to be investing in Crowd for Angels. The platform has been at the forefront of its sector and continues to be so with the launch of its £50 million Liquid Crypto Bond.

' We expect to work with Crowd for Angels by sharing ideas and opportunities, and look forward to helping Crowd for Angels reach its potential.

'Legendary was the first outside investor in the successful tech company, Virtual Stock Holdings Limited. 

'With its recent investment in IBS Corporation Limited, Legendary has a stake in a banking services platform and now, with the investment in Crowd for Angels, Legendary has a stake in a fintech platform. Technology, finance and its confluence, fintech are exciting sectors that will and are moulding the future.'