Source - SMW
genedrive  has announced successful results of the first field study of its Genedrive hetaptitis C (HCV) ID kit in Africa.

genedrive  said the study was performed in Johannesburg at Lancet Laboratories, one of the leading private pathology testing laboratories operating throughout Africa.

It said the study was designed to verify genedrive HCV's assay performance across the diverse genotypes which are prevalent in Africa compared to Europe.     It said that in a cohort of 130 clinical samples from South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, and other sub-Saharan countries, the Genedrive HCV ID kit demonstrated sensitivity and specificity of 100% compared to the Abbott M2000 HCV Real time assay as a reference. 

 The cohort was composed mostly of HCV genotypes 1a, 4, and 1b, with the remaining 16% samples from genotypes 2, 3, and 5.  The test also demonstrated efficiency of 95.4% (result achieved first attempt).