Investing is a continuous learning process. To help you on your journey, the new issue of Shares features six ways in which you can sharpen your investing skills. From dealing with profit warnings and spotting problems in a company’s accounts to knowing how to filter comments on social media; this article is essential reading for both new and experienced investors.
Many people across the UK own one or more of the same funds such as Woodford Equity Income or Fundsmith Equity. But do they really know what makes each of these popular funds different from the rest and how their investment process works? Find the answers in the new issue of Shares.
You will also find detailed analysis in this week’s digital magazine of two forthcoming IPOs (initial public offerings). Appscatter has already raised more money than expected due to demand; and Destiny Pharma has very high expectations for its drug.
Elsewhere, learn about the difference between SIPPs and personal pensions; discover a tech stock set to reward investors with generous dividends; and enjoy a bonus ‘Spotlight’ magazine looking at smaller companies.