Source - SMW
Quadrise Fuels International said, further to its announcement on 19 May, it has now received confirmation that a draft interim Letter of No Objection (LONO) has been produced by Wartsila.

This was in the process of being reviewed by Maersk. Following the review by Maersk, the final interim LONO would be provided to Quadrise. The company's current expectation was that it would receive the interim LONO in June 2017.

In March, Quadrise confirmed the trial of its MSAR emulsion bunker fuel with Maersk had been successful, but had been suspended as the trial vessel was to be redeployed. At that time, Quadrise said it doubted the trial would be resumed before the end of 2017.

Also at that time, Maersk had indicated that Wartsila would inspect the test vessel's engine to document the vessel's performance while operating on MSAR fuel. This was with a view to issuing an interim LONO confirming that the fuel was safe and suitable for the Wartsila RT-Flex engine type.