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Zephyr Energy PLC Market & Company News

07:01ZPHRGrant funding from U.S. DOE & drilling updateRNS
14.05.2024 19:41FDM, ZYT, CELTRADING UPDATES: Headlam warns of loss; EnSilica predicts revenue riseAlliance
14.05.2024 07:00ZPHROperations update, warrant exercise and TVR changeRNS
03.05.2024 21:33ZPHRIN BRIEF: Zephyr Energy in debt for equity swapAlliance
03.05.2024 07:00ZPHRHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
03.05.2024 07:00ZPHRDebt for equity exchange & State 36-2R well updateRNS
25.04.2024 16:00ZPHR, EAH, EEEEARNINGS AND TRADING: ECO Animal revenue up; Zephyr starts drillingAlliance
25.04.2024 07:00ZPHRStart of well drilling operationsRNS
17.04.2024 10:36ZPHRZephyr Energy begins drilling operations in flagship Utah project Alliance
17.04.2024 07:00ZPHRState 36-2R well drilling operations updateRNS
10.04.2024 07:00ZPHRGrant of share options and issue of warrantsRNS
28.03.2024 12:29ARBB, APTA, GSCEARNINGS AND TRADING: Arbuthnot ups payout as profit more than doublesAlliance
28.03.2024 07:00ZPHRAdditions to senior management teamRNS
27.03.2024 18:47NSCI, BOIL, ATMTRADING UPDATES: Empire Metals targets key milestones in AustraliaAlliance
27.03.2024 13:02ZPHRSalt Wash helium project update - replacementRNS
27.03.2024 07:00ZPHRSalt Wash helium project updateRNS
22.03.2024 11:56ZPHRZephyr Energy shares surge as drilling starts at flagship project wellAlliance
22.03.2024 07:00ZPHRCommencement of Initial Drilling OperationsRNS
15.03.2024 12:05ZPHRZephyr Energy inks rig contract to progress Utah-based wellAlliance
15.03.2024 07:00ZPHRAward of rig contract to Helmerich & PayneRNS
11.03.2024 14:13ZPHRIN BRIEF: Zephyr continues planning for redrill of State 36-2 well Alliance
11.03.2024 07:00ZPHRParadox project updateRNS
29.02.2024 07:00ZPHRQ4 2023 results from Williston Basin portfolioRNS
14.02.2024 10:26ZPHRZephyr Energy gets Utah well drilling permit amendments approvalsAlliance
14.02.2024 07:00ZPHRState 36-2R Drilling Permit Sundry Notice ApprovalRNS
08.02.2024 14:12ZPHRIN BRIEF: Zephyr says planning for State 36-2 well redrill continuesAlliance
08.02.2024 07:00ZPHROperations updateRNS
15.12.2023 09:11ZPHRZephyr Energy production up as Slawson operations exceed expectationsAlliance
15.12.2023 07:00ZPHROperational updateRNS
16.11.2023 04:30VOD, ZEG, HARLTRADING UPDATES: Zephyr Energy sales fall in third quarterAlliance
15.11.2023 07:00ZPHRQ3 2023 results from Williston Basin portfolioRNS
01.11.2023 16:54EQLS, ZEN, ZPHRTRADING UPDATES: Premier Miton sizes up Tellworth Investments Alliance
01.11.2023 07:00ZPHRWilliston Basin UpdateRNS
25.10.2023 07:00ZPHRInvestor Webinar RegistrationReach
18.10.2023 12:38ZPHRInvestor WebinarReach
18.10.2023 11:02ZPHRIN BRIEF: Zephyr to redrill at State 36-2 well following incidentAlliance
18.10.2023 07:00ZPHRParadox project updateRNS
29.09.2023 12:32ZPHR, PREM, EISBEARNINGS: i(x) Net Zero swings to profit, Zephyr falls to lossAlliance
29.09.2023 07:00ZPHRHalf-year ReportRNS
20.09.2023 17:55ZPHRIN BRIEF: Zephyr Energy confirms US gas pipeline soon operationalAlliance
20.09.2023 07:00ZPHRStatement Re Market SpeculationRNS
15.08.2023 12:19ZPHRZephyr Energy quarterly Williston Basin revenue halves annuallyAlliance
15.08.2023 07:00ZPHRQ2 Williston Basin & State 36-2 LNW-CC UpdateRNS
26.07.2023 14:18ZPHR, TM1, GPLTRADING UPDATES: NewRiver hails performance; AFC Energy gets grantAlliance
26.07.2023 11:39ZPHRResult of AGMRNS
26.07.2023 07:00ZPHRAGM StatementRNS
19.07.2023 14:36ZPHR, WATR, TRDUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
10.07.2023 14:27ZPHRZephyr Energy shares dip on delay to work programme in UtahAlliance
10.07.2023 07:00ZPHRParadox project updateRNS
30.06.2023 17:00ZPHRTotal Voting RightsRNS
26.06.2023 13:53ZPHRZephyr Energy to focus on Paradox project as profit and revenue riseAlliance
26.06.2023 07:00ZPHRFinal ResultsRNS
06.06.2023 14:46ZPHRZephyr Energy raises GBP3.2 million to fund Paradox Basin projectAlliance
06.06.2023 07:00ZPHRPlacing & Subscription & Project UpdateRNS
16.05.2023 21:10MIRI, AET, PANRTRADING UPDATES: Trinity Exploration spuds well; Equipmake inks dealAlliance
16.05.2023 07:00ZPHRQ1 Williston Basin & State 36-2 LNW-CC UpdateRNS
02.05.2023 20:16ZPHR, KGH, OBDTRADING UPDATES: Knights Group buys St James Law and Baines WilsonAlliance
02.05.2023 07:00ZPHRHedging programme updateRNS
20.04.2023 18:15ZPHRCorporate PresentationReach
13.04.2023 16:02ZPHRInvestor WebinarReach
11.04.2023 10:34BLOE, DEVO, ZPHRAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Spectral MD to move Nasdaq in Spac dealAlliance
11.04.2023 09:04ZPHRZephyr Energy reports Utah well hydrocarbon spill; now under controlAlliance
11.04.2023 07:00ZPHRState 36-2 LNW-CC well updateRNS
20.03.2023 13:50ZPHRZephyr Energy continues to make progress at State 36-2 well on testsAlliance
20.03.2023 07:00ZPHRState 36-2 LNW-CC well production test to commenceRNS
08.03.2023 17:01ZPHRZephyr Energy to commence operations at 36-2 well following delaysAlliance
08.03.2023 07:00ZPHRParadox project updateRNS
28.02.2023 17:00ZPHRTotal Voting RightsRNS
15.02.2023 12:09ZPHRZephyr Energy backs 2023 production guidance as revenue jumps in 2022Alliance
15.02.2023 07:00ZPHRQ4 & FY 22 results from Williston Basin portfolioRNS
14.02.2023 14:21ZPHRIN BRIEF: Zephyr Energy hails successful operation on well at ParadoxAlliance
14.02.2023 07:00ZPHRState 36-2 LNW-CC well updateRNS
10.02.2023 10:12ZPHRZephyr completes acquisition of remaining stake in Paradox projectAlliance
10.02.2023 08:00ZPHRCompletion of Paradox project acquisitionRNS
01.02.2023 07:00ZPHRIssue of equity and change to total voting rightsRNS
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