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Fdm Group (Holdings) PLC =

Deals on 04 September 2020

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
08/09/2020SEXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCMichael McLarenFD20,000 @ 1,049.60p£209,920.00

Fdm Group (Holdings) PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Andrew BrownED20104,540,8014.1600£490,406.51
Michelle de FonsecaNED20165,5230.0100£596.48
Jacqueline de RojasNED201900.0000£0.00
Roderick FlavellCEO20108,291,2557.5900£895,455.54
Sheila FlavellED20108,291,2547.5900£895,455.43
Michael McLarenFD2011540,7280.5000£58,398.62
Peter WhitingNED20146,9530.0100£750.92

Fdm Group (Holdings) PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
08/09/2020SEXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCMichael McLarenFD20,000 @ 1,049.60p£209,920.00
08/09/2020EXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCMichael McLarenFD20,000 @ 1.00p£200.00
02/09/2020EXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCRoderick FlavellCEO20,000 @ 1.00p£200.00
02/09/2020SEXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCRoderick FlavellCEO20,000 @ 1,050.60p£210,120.00
02/09/2020EXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCSheila FlavellED20,000 @ 1.00p£200.00
02/09/2020SEXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCSheila FlavellED20,000 @ 1,050.60p£210,120.00
13/08/2020BUYFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCPeter WhitingNED1,725 @ 998.50p£17,224.00
13/08/2020SELLFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCPeter WhitingNED625 @ 997.00p£6,231.00
13/08/2020SELLFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCPeter WhitingNED1,725 @ 997.00p£17,198.00
13/08/2020BUYFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCPeter WhitingNED625 @ 998.50p£6,241.00
13/08/2020TINFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCPeter WhitingNED3,500 @ 0.00p£0.00
13/08/2020TOUTFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCPeter WhitingNED3,500 @ 0.00p£0.00
10/08/2020EXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCAndrew BrownED20,000 @ 1.00p£200.00
10/08/2020SEXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCAndrew BrownED20,000 @ 1,030.00p£206,000.00
20/05/2019SEXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCMichael McLarenFD18,567 @ 972.00p£180,471.00
20/05/2019EXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCMichael McLarenFD40,000 @ 1.00p£400.00
20/05/2019EXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCRoderick FlavellCEO40,000 @ 1.00p£400.00
20/05/2019EXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCSheila FlavellED40,000 @ 1.00p£400.00
20/05/2019SEXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCAndrew BrownED40,000 @ 972.00p£388,800.00
20/05/2019EXRFDMFdm Group (Holdings) PLCAndrew BrownED40,000 @ 1.00p£400.00
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