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Games Workshop Group PLC =

Deals on 02 November 2020

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
04/11/2020BUYGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED1,376 @ 1,307.74p£17,995.00

Games Workshop Group PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
John BrewisNED20182140.0000£215.28
Nicholas DonaldsonNED20026,7000.0200£6,740.20
Elaine O'DonnellNED20135,0930.0200£5,123.56
Kevin RountreeED20087,6180.0200£7,663.71
Rachel TongueD5,4840.0200£5,516.90

Games Workshop Group PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
04/11/2020BUYGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED1,376 @ 1,307.74p£17,995.00
27/10/2020DRIPGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED27 @ 10,732.00p£2,898.00
29/09/2020DRIPGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED18 @ 9,926.00p£1,787.00
05/08/2020BUYGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED298 @ 9,270.00p£27,625.00
05/08/2020BUYGAWGames Workshop Group PLCRachel TongueD170 @ 9,273.00p£15,764.00
05/08/2020BUYGAWGames Workshop Group PLCJohn BrewisNED214 @ 9,270.00p£19,838.00
03/03/2020DRIPGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED106 @ 6,566.00p£6,960.00
11/02/2020SELLGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED10,000 @ 7,197.50p£719,750.00
11/02/2020SELLGAWGames Workshop Group PLCRachel TongueD1,400 @ 7,170.00p£100,380.00
11/02/2020SELLGAWGames Workshop Group PLCRachel TongueD3,300 @ 7,187.80p£237,197.00
11/02/2020SELLGAWGames Workshop Group PLCNicholas DonaldsonNED3,300 @ 7,177.80p£236,867.00
09/01/2020DRIPGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED86 @ 6,289.00p£5,409.00
11/11/2019DRIPGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED107 @ 5,022.26p£5,374.00
16/09/2019BUYGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED95 @ 4,670.62p£4,437.00
01/08/2019BUYGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED577 @ 4,778.00p£27,569.00
01/08/2019BUYGAWGames Workshop Group PLCRachel TongueD330 @ 4,778.00p£15,767.00
03/06/2019DRIPGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED114 @ 4,468.00p£5,094.00
04/03/2019DRIPGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED113 @ 3,169.50p£3,582.00
28/01/2019DRIPGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED146 @ 2,956.78p£4,317.00
27/11/2018SELLGAWGames Workshop Group PLCKevin RountreeED17,659 @ 2,895.00p£511,228.00
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