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M Winkworth PLC =

Deals on 13 May 2020

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
14/05/2020BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCSimon AgaceCH3,010 @ 115.00p£3,462.00

M Winkworth PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Simon AgaceCH20095,319,18141.7700£74,468.53
Dominic AgaceCEO2009641,7285.0400£8,984.19
Lawrence AlkinNED2009402,5913.1600£5,636.27
John NicolNED2014117,5000.9200£1,645.00
Andrew NicolFD201614,8000.1200£207.20

M Winkworth PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
18/09/2020TOUTWINKM Winkworth PLCSimon AgaceCH4,100 @ 0.00p£0.00
18/09/2020TINWINKM Winkworth PLCDominic AgaceCEO4,100 @ 0.00p£0.00
19/05/2020TOUTWINKM Winkworth PLCSimon AgaceCH3,750 @ 0.00p£0.00
19/05/2020TINWINKM Winkworth PLCSimon AgaceCH3,750 @ 0.00p£0.00
14/05/2020BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCSimon AgaceCH3,010 @ 115.00p£3,462.00
18/10/2019SELLWINKM Winkworth PLCSimon AgaceCH30,000 @ 96.00p£28,800.00
18/10/2019BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCJohn NicolNED30,000 @ 96.00p£28,800.00
19/10/2017BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCDominic AgaceCEO7,000 @ 106.50p£7,455.00
21/09/2017BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCDominic AgaceCEO15,000 @ 100.95p£15,143.00
25/05/2017BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCDominic AgaceCEO18,000 @ 109.00p£19,620.00
20/04/2017BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCAndrew NicolFD10,000 @ 104.00p£10,400.00
12/04/2017BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCDominic AgaceCEO45,000 @ 104.00p£46,800.00
27/01/2017BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCAndrew NicolFD4,800 @ 100.00p£4,800.00
24/01/2017BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCJohn NicolNED30,000 @ 96.00p£28,800.00
24/01/2017BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCDominic AgaceCEO2,000 @ 99.00p£1,980.00
07/07/2016SELLWINKM Winkworth PLCChristopher NeohRES57,000 @ 110.00p£62,700.00
05/01/2016BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCDominic AgaceCEO4,500 @ 138.00p£6,210.00
01/12/2015EXRWINKM Winkworth PLCChristopher NeohRES57,000 @ 110.00p£62,700.00
30/04/2014BUYWINKM Winkworth PLCDominic AgaceCEO5,000 @ 168.00p£8,400.00
29/11/2013SELLWINKM Winkworth PLCSimon AgaceCH276,000 @ 163.00p£449,880.00
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