406.00p-11.00 (-2.64%)26 Feb 2021, 18:03
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Cmc Markets PLC =

Deals on 10 February 2021

DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
10/02/2021SELLCMCXCmc Markets PLCClare SalmonNED12,227 @ 409.00p£50,008.00

Cmc Markets PLC Director Holdings

NamePositionAppointedShares ownedShares owned %Total value
Peter CruddasCEO1989182,819,99062.7200£7.51 m
David FinebergED20142,2880.0000£94.04
Sarah IngNED201700.0000£0.00
Matthew LewisED2019178,4390.0600£7,333.84
Euan MarshallFD20193,1340.0000£128.81
Clare SalmonNED20178240.0000£33.87

Cmc Markets PLC Director Deals

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DeclaredTypeEPICCompanyDirectorPos.Volume / PriceValue
10/02/2021BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCDavid FinebergED72 @ 425.00p£306.00
10/02/2021BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCEuan MarshallFD70 @ 425.00p£298.00
10/02/2021SELLCMCXCmc Markets PLCClare SalmonNED12,227 @ 409.00p£50,008.00
11/01/2021BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCDavid FinebergED72 @ 411.00p£296.00
11/01/2021BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCEuan MarshallFD72 @ 411.00p£296.00
24/12/2020BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCDavid FinebergED373 @ 389.50p£1,453.00
24/12/2020DRIPCMCXCmc Markets PLCDavid FinebergED44 @ 389.50p£171.00
24/12/2020BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCEuan MarshallFD316 @ 389.00p£1,229.00
24/12/2020DRIPCMCXCmc Markets PLCEuan MarshallFD90 @ 389.50p£351.00
24/12/2020DRIPCMCXCmc Markets PLCMatthew LewisED4,084 @ 389.50p£15,907.00
09/12/2020BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCDavid FinebergED84 @ 356.00p£299.00
09/12/2020BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCEuan MarshallFD84 @ 356.00p£299.00
01/12/2020DRIPCMCXCmc Markets PLCDavid FinebergED1,633 @ 341.33p£5,574.00
01/12/2020DRIPCMCXCmc Markets PLCDavid FinebergED10 @ 328.00p£33.00
23/11/2020SELLCMCXCmc Markets PLCDavid FinebergED253,857 @ 390.00p£990,042.00
10/11/2020BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCDavid FinebergED88 @ 340.00p£299.00
10/11/2020BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCEuan MarshallFD88 @ 340.00p£299.00
06/10/2020BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCDavid FinebergED88 @ 339.00p£298.00
06/10/2020BUYCMCXCmc Markets PLCEuan MarshallFD90 @ 339.00p£305.00
22/09/2020DRIPCMCXCmc Markets PLCDavid FinebergED8,833 @ 331.00p£29,237.00
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