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Cmc Markets PLC Market & Company News

18.05.2022 17:35CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
17.05.2022 17:58CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
16.05.2022 17:30CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
13.05.2022 17:38CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
12.05.2022 17:55CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
11.05.2022 17:37CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
10.05.2022 17:42CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
10.05.2022 11:11CMCXDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
09.05.2022 17:23CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
06.05.2022 17:11CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
05.05.2022 17:33CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
04.05.2022 17:28CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
03.05.2022 17:33CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
03.05.2022 16:11CMCXTotal Voting RightsRNS
29.04.2022 18:10CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
28.04.2022 17:29CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
28.04.2022 10:12CMCXDirectorate ChangeRNS
27.04.2022 17:39CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
26.04.2022 17:56CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
25.04.2022 17:27CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
22.04.2022 17:06CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
21.04.2022 17:13CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
21.04.2022 12:53SDR, CMCXHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
20.04.2022 17:11CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
14.04.2022 17:55CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
13.04.2022 17:16CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
12.04.2022 17:29CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
12.04.2022 12:15IGG, CMCX, PLUSLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Market jitters as key US inflation reading loomsAlliance
12.04.2022 09:20IAG, ROO, WIZZLONDON MARKET OPEN: Lower start as markets brace for US inflationAlliance
12.04.2022 07:00CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
11.04.2022 16:02CMCXDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
08.04.2022 17:36CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
08.04.2022 17:12SENS, 888, CMCXLONDON MARKET CLOSE: European stocks end the week on the front footAlliance
08.04.2022 12:35SHEL, BOWL, SENSLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: BP and Shell drive FTSE 100's end-of-week gainsAlliance
08.04.2022 09:36CEY, CSP, ASHMLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Jefferies raises Volution to 'buy' from 'hold'Alliance
08.04.2022 09:08NWG, BARC, STANLONDON MARKET OPEN: Banks and oil bolster FTSE 100; Ferrexpo jumpsAlliance
08.04.2022 08:13JET2, CMCXLONDON BRIEFING: CMC Markets ends financial year on strong noteAlliance
08.04.2022 08:01CMCXTOP NEWS: CMC Markets annual profit to land at top end of expectationsAlliance
08.04.2022 07:00CMCXFY 2022 Pre-Close Trading UpdateRNS
07.04.2022 17:30CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
06.04.2022 17:38CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
05.04.2022 17:31CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
04.04.2022 17:33CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
01.04.2022 18:14CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
01.04.2022 16:04PMI, FXPO, CMCXUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
01.04.2022 15:12CMCXTotal Voting RightsRNS
31.03.2022 18:27CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
30.03.2022 17:46CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
29.03.2022 17:29CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
28.03.2022 17:52CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
25.03.2022 17:37CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
24.03.2022 17:38CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
23.03.2022 17:18CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
22.03.2022 17:06CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
21.03.2022 17:38CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
18.03.2022 17:44CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
17.03.2022 17:38CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
16.03.2022 17:46CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
15.03.2022 17:52CMCXTransaction in Own SharesRNS
15.03.2022 15:54CMCXIN BRIEF: CMC Markets gets GBP30 million buyback programme underwayAlliance
15.03.2022 08:23CMCX, TCAP, INFLONDON BRIEFING: Informa swings back to profit as live events returnAlliance
15.03.2022 07:00CMCXCommencement of Share Buyback ProgrammeRNS
09.03.2022 10:06CMCXDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
02.03.2022 12:07CMCXIN BRIEF: CMC Markets launches GBP30 million share buybackAlliance
02.03.2022 07:00CMCXIntention to Launch Share Buyback ProgrammeRNS
09.02.2022 14:03CMCXDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
26.01.2022 07:00CMCXQ3 2022 Trading UpdateRNS
07.01.2022 14:11CMCXDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
29.12.2021 09:38CMCXDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
29.12.2021 09:30CMCXDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
09.12.2021 09:59CMCXDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
19.11.2021 15:36CMCXDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
17.11.2021 07:00CMCXInterim ResultsRNS
15.11.2021 07:00CMCXEvaluation of Managed SeparationRNS
09.11.2021 09:27CMCXDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
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