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Xtract Resources PLC Market & Company News

08.08.2022 16:40XTRSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
08.08.2022 16:35XTRPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
08.08.2022 14:06XTRSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
08.08.2022 14:00XTRPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
05.08.2022 06:59XTRIN BRIEF: Xtract Resources completes phase two drilling at BushrangerAlliance
04.08.2022 09:13XTRBushranger completion of phase two drillingRNS
29.07.2022 11:37XTRNotice of AGMRNS
27.07.2022 20:32FME, MSMN, XTRTRADING UPDATES: Skillcast expects revenue rise; Cap-XX solves disputeAlliance
27.07.2022 12:14XTRBushranger assay results and drilling updateRNS
21.07.2022 21:14BRSD, XTR, TGRTRADING UPDATES: DP Eurasia system sales rise; Journeo wins contract Alliance
21.07.2022 10:55XTR, EVE, BARAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: First gold at Xtract mine; eve Sleep tumblesAlliance
21.07.2022 07:00XTRFair Bride UpdateRNS
08.07.2022 06:55XTRIN BRIEF: Xtract Resources finds up to 4.8 grammes of silver per tonneAlliance
07.07.2022 12:18XTRBushranger assay results and drilling updateRNS
01.07.2022 11:06XTRSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
01.07.2022 11:00XTRPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
30.06.2022 20:30PREM, XTR, BRSDEARNINGS UPDATES: Brandshield grows revenue; Xtract loss widensAlliance
30.06.2022 16:33XTRFinal ResultsRNS
22.06.2022 10:27XTRIn Brief: Xtract Resources posts "satisfactory" results amid cycloneAlliance
22.06.2022 09:06XTRProduction UpdateRNS
31.05.2022 11:14XTRAscot Prospect Drill Results SummaryRNS
27.05.2022 20:27XTRIN BRIEF: Xtract Resources rises on upbeat Bushranger project resultsAlliance
27.05.2022 15:03XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
17.05.2022 21:09XTRIN BRIEF: Xtract Resources notes robust drill results from BushrangerAlliance
17.05.2022 09:14XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
10.05.2022 11:27XTR, VRS, DKLAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: Versarien signs Umbro deal; Dekel sales tumbleAlliance
10.05.2022 11:04XTRXtract Resources reports "eclectic" drill hole assays from BushrangerAlliance
10.05.2022 07:00XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
09.05.2022 17:27XTRTotal Voting RightsRNS
22.04.2022 07:00XTRExercise of warrantsRNS
06.04.2022 19:05XTR, TGL, ATMTRADING UPDATES: TransGlobe Energy ups oil production in first quarterAlliance
06.04.2022 07:00XTRBushranger Project Drilling UpdateRNS
31.03.2022 12:19XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
21.03.2022 19:11MYX, GDR, ATYMTRADING UPDATES: Kavango eyes acquisition; PYX ups zicron priceAlliance
21.03.2022 18:12XTRChange of auditorRNS
21.03.2022 07:00XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
07.03.2022 07:00XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
02.03.2022 20:28PIRI, TERN, OSITRADING UPDATES: MediaZest virus hit; SpaceandPeople Network Rail dealAlliance
02.03.2022 07:00XTRBushranger Project drilling updateRNS
28.02.2022 16:40XTRSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
28.02.2022 16:36XTRPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
28.02.2022 12:56XTRBushranger Project MIMDAS geophysical surveyRNS
10.02.2022 17:52XTR, KDR, ARVTRADING UPDATES: Aferian lifts annual dividend on growth from DevicesAlliance
10.02.2022 13:30XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
03.02.2022 14:30XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
28.01.2022 12:04XTRHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
26.01.2022 07:00XTRMetallurgical test work planned at BushrangerRNS
19.01.2022 15:45XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
18.01.2022 07:00XTRManica Gold UpdateRNS
06.01.2022 11:39XTRDirectorate ChangeRNS
04.01.2022 16:41XTRSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
04.01.2022 16:36XTRPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
04.01.2022 14:06XTRSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
04.01.2022 14:00XTRPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
04.01.2022 11:05XTRSecond Price Monitoring ExtnRNS
04.01.2022 11:00XTRPrice Monitoring ExtensionRNS
21.12.2021 07:00XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
17.12.2021 13:41XTRBushranger Project Phase 2 Drilling UpdateRNS
09.12.2021 14:53XTRNew Porphyry Copper System at Bushranger ProjectRNS
02.12.2021 07:00XTRBushranger Project Drilling UpdateRNS
24.11.2021 07:00XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
19.11.2021 11:42XTRBushranger assay results and drilling updateRNS
12.11.2021 10:25XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
09.11.2021 12:30XTRBushranger Project Phase 2 Drilling UpdateRNS
02.11.2021 09:07XTRBushranger Project Phase 2 Drilling UpdateRNS
29.10.2021 07:00XTRBushranger Project Further Assay ResultsRNS
25.10.2021 17:29XTRResult of AGMRNS
21.10.2021 14:42XTRBushranger Project Assay ResultsRNS
20.10.2021 14:10XTRBushranger Phase 2 Drilling Programme UpdateRNS
14.10.2021 07:00XTRManica Gold UpdateRNS
13.10.2021 07:00XTRBushranger drilling and licence updateRNS
07.10.2021 10:01XTRBushranger Phase 2 Drilling Programme UpdateRNS
05.10.2021 07:00XTRManica Alluvial Gold Update Notice of AGMRNS
01.10.2021 11:30XTRNotice of AGMRNS
30.09.2021 14:50XTRHalf-year ReportRNS
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