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Ascent Resources PLC Market & Company News

13.05.2024 07:00ASTDirectorate ChangeRNS
10.05.2024 14:10ASTAscent Resources investee to begin production of gaseous helium Alliance
10.05.2024 07:00ASTUpdate on US gas and helium investmentRNS
09.05.2024 16:49ASTHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
23.04.2024 16:02ASTIN BRIEF: Ascent Resources raises funds to finance GNG Partners outlayAlliance
23.04.2024 07:00ASTOnshore US Gas Investment, New Funding &TVRRNS
18.04.2024 14:28ASTAscent Resources subsidiary files claim against GeoenergoAlliance
18.04.2024 13:42ASTGeoenergo Administration: RJOA Status & ClaimRNS
02.04.2024 19:33HOYE, PEY, DCIEARNINGS AND TRADING: Alba Mineral finds gold targets at DolgellauAlliance
02.04.2024 14:41ASTConfirmation of Geoenergo d.o.o. administrationRNS
04.03.2024 15:25ASTResults of General MeetingRNS
28.02.2024 11:27ASTHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
26.02.2024 15:47LEX, JEMA, ASTUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
23.02.2024 14:28ASTAscent Resources up after Slovenian government's challenge rejectedAlliance
23.02.2024 07:00ASTUpdate on ECT claimRNS
05.02.2024 07:00ASTNotice of Record Date, GM & posting of CircularRNS
19.01.2024 16:03ASTIN BRIEF: Ascent Resources notes Geoenergo insolvency approvedAlliance
19.01.2024 15:32ASTUpdate on JV Partner’s Insolvency ProceedingsRNS
16.01.2024 10:34ASTHolding(s) in Company - CorrectionRNS
15.01.2024 13:09ASTHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
15.01.2024 12:50ASTAscent Resources staves off Geoenergo insolvency amid claim pursuitAlliance
15.01.2024 09:45JSE, AST, IQGAIM WINNERS & LOSERS: IQGeo rises as annual revenue soarsAlliance
15.01.2024 07:00ASTAscent Prevents JV Partner’s Immediate InsolvencyRNS
08.01.2024 17:00ASTAscent Resources' joint venture partner begins insolvency proceedingsAlliance
08.01.2024 15:13ASTJV Partner Initiates Insolvency ProceedingsRNS
21.12.2023 21:18GILD, EQT, ASTTRADING UPDATES: Guild Esports hails Counter-Strike-focused dealAlliance
21.12.2023 07:00ASTUpgrade in Estimate of Revenue RecognitionRNS
01.12.2023 19:36ASTIN BRIEF: Ascent Resources plans shareholder return if legal case winsAlliance
01.12.2023 07:00ASTECT Claim Distribution UpdateRNS
21.11.2023 13:30ASTDirector AppointmentRNS
15.11.2023 17:41ASTResult of GMRNS
14.11.2023 13:56AST, LVCG, COROIN BRIEF: Echo Energy hires new CEO as director promoted to chairAlliance
13.11.2023 14:40ASTHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
08.11.2023 15:46ZEG, SYN, RCHUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
27.10.2023 12:22ASTNotice of GM and ECT Claim Shareholder DiscussionRNS
26.10.2023 16:50ASTHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
25.10.2023 20:12ACG, ARK, ASTTRADING UPDATES: Ascent wins legal ruling; Pendragon deals approvedAlliance
25.10.2023 12:10ASTSuccessful Revenue Recognition ArbitrationRNS
25.10.2023 07:00ASTDirectorate ChangeRNS
19.10.2023 15:19ASTHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
17.10.2023 10:14ASTHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
11.10.2023 10:35ASTCompletion of Strategic Investment & TVRRNS
03.10.2023 09:38ASTAscent Resources shares rise as MBD Partners buys shares at premiumAlliance
03.10.2023 07:00ASTCornerstone investor & Collaboration AgreementRNS
28.09.2023 13:55ASTAscent Resources sees revenue rise on successful dispute settlementAlliance
28.09.2023 07:00ASTInterim ResultsRNS
22.09.2023 12:07ASTSlovenia ECT Claim: ATE insurance contractedRNS
21.09.2023 15:35ASTResult of General MeetingRNS
14.09.2023 15:44VANL, TRAK, THRUUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
18.08.2023 16:14ASTNotice of General MeetingRNS
08.08.2023 11:51AMC, ASTAmur Minerals ends discussions over possible Ascent Resources takeoverAlliance
08.08.2023 07:48AMC, ASTDiscussions with Amur Minerals CorporationRNS
01.08.2023 07:00ASTBlock listing Interim ReviewRNS
21.07.2023 10:05ASTIN BRIEF: Ascent Resources files EUR657 million claim against SloveniaAlliance
21.07.2023 07:54ASTFiling of ECT Damages Claim MemorialRNS
30.06.2023 14:08ASTResult of AGMRNS
29.06.2023 14:30BCE, AST, LTHMEARNINGS UPDATES: Science in Sport, Ascent Resources losses widen Alliance
29.06.2023 08:04ASTFinal ResultsRNS
23.06.2023 15:51CHSS, URAH, STGUK shareholder meetings calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
07.06.2023 17:30ASTNotice of Annual General MeetingRNS
02.06.2023 10:48AST, AMCAmur Minerals to consider Ascent's possible takeover offerAlliance
01.06.2023 13:54AMC, ASTAscent Resources bids to buy Amur Minerals with all-share offerAlliance
01.06.2023 13:05AMC, ASTIntention to bid for Amur Minerals CorporationRNS
01.06.2023 07:00ASTHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
30.05.2023 15:35ASTConcession Extension,Partner Dispute &SubscriptionRNS
10.05.2023 14:04ASTHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
09.05.2023 11:06ASTHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
02.05.2023 13:32ASTHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
17.04.2023 17:43SEED, MSMN, FMETTRADING UPDATES: Eqtec enters deal; Fulcrum buys 42 mining claimsAlliance
17.04.2023 11:47ASTRevenue RecognitionRNS
06.04.2023 12:31ASTIN BRIEF: Ascent Resources to sue settlement payment to fund operationAlliance
06.04.2023 12:00ASTUpdate on Slovenia OperationsRNS
04.04.2023 12:18ASTAscent Resources settles disputes with Geoenergo and Petrol GeoAlliance
04.04.2023 07:00ASTUpdate on Disputes, Placing & TVRRNS
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