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Wizz Air Holdings PLC Market & Company News

13:00WIZZNotice of AGMRNS
10.08.2022 10:21WIZZHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
09.08.2022 09:20CKN, WIZZ, FGPLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Credit Suisse ups Centrica and BP price targetsAlliance
08.08.2022 13:14WIZZ, EZJHungary fines Ryanair for raising prices to handle Covid recovery taxAlliance
08.08.2022 11:58WIZZIN BRIEF: Connected person of Wizz Air Corporate Officer buys sharesAlliance
08.08.2022 10:00WIZZDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
02.08.2022 09:58WIZZIN BRIEF: Wizz Air planes fly nearly 90% full in July as traffic jumpsAlliance
02.08.2022 07:00WIZZJuly 2022 Traffic and CO2 Emission StatisticsRNS
01.08.2022 10:34WIZZWizz Air Share CapitalRNS
29.07.2022 09:58SFOR, FORT, SBRELONDON BROKER RATINGS: RBC raises Anglo American and AntofagastaAlliance
28.07.2022 15:05WIZZIN BRIEF: Wizz Air Non-Exec Broderick buys GBP67,000 in sharesAlliance
28.07.2022 10:03WIZZDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
28.07.2022 09:59CRE, RTN, MARSLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Bernstein ups Reckitt; Mitchells & Butlers cutAlliance
27.07.2022 17:20MEAL, EZJ, MNDILONDON MARKET CLOSE: Corporate earnings boost FTSE 100 ahead of FedAlliance
27.07.2022 12:32WIZZ, LGEN, NWGLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Alphabet and Microsoft give market pre-Fed cheerAlliance
27.07.2022 10:22WIZZWizz Air quarterly revenue beats pre-virus levels but fuel costs weighAlliance
27.07.2022 09:43SBRE, RCH, MADELONDON BROKER RATINGS: Upgrades for Admiral and Legal & GeneralAlliance
27.07.2022 07:00WIZZQ1 F23 ResultsRNS
27.07.2022 06:51WIZZIN BRIEF: Wizz Air Chair William Franke buys GBP1.9 million in sharesAlliance
26.07.2022 16:54WIZZDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
22.07.2022 18:12WIZZIN BRIEF: Connected person of Wizz Air Corporate Officer buys sharesAlliance
22.07.2022 12:11WIZZDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
20.07.2022 16:05YGEN, WIZZ, UTGUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
20.07.2022 07:00WIZZUpdated Notice of F23 First Quarter Results DateRNS
15.07.2022 22:14LIT, AWE, FEVRDIRECTOR DEALINGS: Fevertree CEO buys shares worth GBP1 millionAlliance
15.07.2022 17:17WIZZDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
15.07.2022 09:49FEVR, SBRE, ATYMLONDON BROKER RATINGS: JPMorgan downgrades Admiral and Direct LineAlliance
12.07.2022 17:23EZJ, WIZZ, IAGLONDON MARKET CLOSE: FTSE 100 in green despite commodity stocks dragAlliance
12.07.2022 09:35ESP, THS, DEVOLONDON BROKER RATINGS: RBC, Goldman, Jefferies review property sharesAlliance
12.07.2022 08:52WIZZWizz Air Omnibus Plan award grantsRNS
11.07.2022 12:22JOUL, EDV, WIZZLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Miners drag as traders monitor China Covid spikeAlliance
11.07.2022 10:09WIZZHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
11.07.2022 09:01EZJ, TUI, AGLLONDON MARKET OPEN: China Covid spike, Russia gas supply weigh on moodAlliance
11.07.2022 08:31WIZZTOP NEWS: Wizz Air to reduce summer capacity to cope with travel chaosAlliance
11.07.2022 08:12WIZZLONDON BRIEFING: Wizz Air posts quarterly loss amid travel disruptionAlliance
11.07.2022 07:00WIZZQ1 F23 Trading UpdateRNS
06.07.2022 18:02WIZZDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
05.07.2022 14:35WIZZHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
05.07.2022 14:34WIZZHolding(s) in CompanyRNS
05.07.2022 13:00WIZZDate of Annual General MeetingRNS
04.07.2022 08:29WIZZTOP NEWS: Wizz Air achieves sharp traffic growth in JuneAlliance
04.07.2022 08:12WIZZLONDON BRIEFING: Wizz Air and Ryanair top pre-pandemic traffic in JuneAlliance
04.07.2022 07:00WIZZJune 2022 Traffic and CO2 Emission StatisticsRNS
01.07.2022 17:15FRAS, MYSL, EZJLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Stocks dip as PMI data stokes recession fearsAlliance
01.07.2022 14:22WIZZNotice of F23 First Quarter Results DateRNS
01.07.2022 12:32HBR, FRES, WIZZLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Recession risks and inflation worries persist Alliance
01.07.2022 08:15WIZZWizz Air Share CapitalRNS
30.06.2022 11:16WIZZDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
20.06.2022 08:57WIZZDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
16.06.2022 10:08WIZZWizz Air returns to jet fuel hedging to limit exposure to volatilityAlliance
16.06.2022 09:28WIZZReturn to Systemic Jet Fuel HedgingRNS
15.06.2022 09:53BPM, YOU, BOOLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Berenberg cuts Rolls-Royce; Barclays raises B&MAlliance
14.06.2022 09:33BPM, CMCX, TLWLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Berenberg and HSBC upgrade Wizz AirAlliance
14.06.2022 08:17AZN, CBG, WIZZLONDON BRIEFING: BoE dilemma as basic UK pay falls 2.2% in real termsAlliance
10.06.2022 11:13WIZZDirector/PDMR ShareholdingRNS
09.06.2022 09:53FEVR, DFS, AIBGLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Credit Suisse prefers Shell over BPAlliance
08.06.2022 17:08TLW, WIZZ, CNELONDON MARKET CLOSE: Oil majors buffer FTSE 100 from further lossesAlliance
08.06.2022 12:47JET2, EZJ, WIZZLONDON MARKET MIDDAY: Selling as companies and economists give warningAlliance
08.06.2022 10:31WIZZTOP NEWS: Wizz Air doubles annual revenue but widens lossAlliance
08.06.2022 09:36PBEE, KGP, DFSLONDON BROKER RATINGS: Kingspan, PensionBee started with buy ratingsAlliance
08.06.2022 09:16WIZZ, KWS, MROLONDON MARKET OPEN: Melrose provides bright spot in dim early tradeAlliance
08.06.2022 07:00WIZZFinal ResultsRNS
06.06.2022 18:05WIZZWizz Air Share CapitalRNS
06.06.2022 17:12EVE, EZJ, WIZZLONDON MARKET CLOSE: Stocks green; sterling strong ahead of UK PM voteAlliance
06.06.2022 09:42WIZZWizz Air has more passengers than pre-Covid for second month in a rowAlliance
06.06.2022 08:16EVE, CRH, WIZZLONDON BRIEFING: CRH buys US garden fence firm Barrette Outdoor LivingAlliance
06.06.2022 07:00WIZZMay 2022 Traffic and CO2 Emission StatisticsRNS
01.06.2022 16:03WKP, WIZZ, RFXUK earnings, trading statements calendar - next 7 daysAlliance
30.05.2022 17:15CCL, EZJ, WIZZLONDON MARKET CLOSE: China easing Covid curbs lifts mood Alliance
30.05.2022 12:27COM, SFOR, IMILONDON MARKET MIDDAY: FTSE 100 looks to add to gains in muted tradeAlliance
23.05.2022 07:00WIZZBlock listing six monthly returnRNS
20.05.2022 12:00WIZZApplication for Listing NoticeRNS
19.05.2022 10:01WIZZ, RMGTOP NEWS: Royal Mail cautions on future earnings after profit dropAlliance
17.05.2022 12:41WIZZIN BRIEF: Wizz Air plans to set up Malta airline subsidiaryAlliance
17.05.2022 11:57WIZZIntention to form a new airline in MaltaRNS
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